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Get a Taste of Africa in Orlando at the Harambe Market

Disney’s Animal Kingdom recently revamped its Africa-themed land with a new quick-service dining venue featuring specialties from the African Continent

hmdAfrica is one of the most exotic and mysterious continents in the world and Disney has already done a fantastic job at recreating it at its Animal Kingdom theme park. The park, which features an African safari experience with live animals—including lions, giraffes, and elephants—also recreates the flavors of Africa in a number of dining venues. However, the latest expansion of Africa at Disney features spice-infused dishes from every corner of the continent.

The Harambe Market was originally inspired by the busy open markets of Africa, where people come to buy and sell everything from livestock to spices and of course—exquisite food and drinks unique to the continent. The setting looks like a time capsule where patrons have parked their bicycles outside the market, with crates piled up as if waiting for shopkeepers to load them with goods. But the most amazing part of Harambe Market is its restaurant with lunch and dinner items—some of which are hard to pronounce but very easy to finish in no time.

Harambe Market features curries and vegetable-based specialties, always reflecting the local taste. Grilled entrees such as sausage, ribs, and poultry are complemented with exotic sauces and followed by one-of-a-kind desserts. The fact is that Disney’s prowess in replicating the sights, sounds, and taste of Africa will be a memorable experience for your whole family. So the next time you plan to visit Orlando and stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium, be sure to get your tickets to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and plan your park lunch at the Harambe Market. And don’t forget to book your stay with us early!

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