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Go Beyond Skin-Deep Anatomy at Skeletons: Animals Unveiled!

From the smallest animals to dinosaur skeletons, you can now see deep into the bodies of some of the most amazing animals roaming the earth

skeletons animals unveiledWhile most people would think that skeletons are more of a museum than a tourist attraction, the truth is that in a world of unconventional learning experiences you can now experience a different way to discover animal anatomy. Skeletons: Animals Unveiled is an attraction nested in the I-Drive 360 complex--known best for its gigantic Orlando Eye Ferris Wheel. The attraction is home to over 450 skeletons made up of real bones. In addition, this skeleton museum features a myriad of information such as history, oddities, and evolutionary science.

While you may think a skeleton museum may be a grim attraction, once you visit this amazing venue you'll tell all your friends and family. Without question, every time a person gazes at the reality of our existence through the bones of an animal, we become enlightened by the wonders of natural life. Children of all ages will be mesmerized to look at mammals, reptiles, marsupials, and even ancient creatures without skin or flesh to hide the complexity of their skeletal system.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is a mere couple of miles away from I-Drive 360 and Skeletons: Animals Unveiled! We offer a convenient place to enjoy your Orlando vacation while keeping you close to all the theme parks and attractions. And if you are planning to visit the skeleton museum, do know that you will have a chance like no other to share with your family the wondrous nature of the animal world. We hope to see you soon!

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