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When Shadows Fall Interactive Attraction Opens in Orlando

This live-experience takes its players into an interactive game where their decisions influence the outcome of this "game"

when shadows fall orlandoOrlando is known for its theme parks, shopping and restaurants. However, not every great attraction is a major theme park and this is being proven by the new "When Shadows Fall" interactive game experience, where guests are the players who must navigate through this massive set that is a mix between an escape game and theatrical role play. The game takes you into the world of Penumbra, a secret society that seeks utopian existence. Players are immersed in the interaction and get pulled into the story as characters will assign a role that you must fulfill to complete the game.

Lately, Orlando's International Drive Area has seen a number of "escape game" type attractions popping up, usually following the same pattern: a series of themed rooms with clues hidden throughout and all you have is an hour to find a way out. What makes When Shadows Fall different from other escape games is the secretive nature of this attraction. In fact, you will not know the location until you buy a ticket to When Shadows Fall. Once you arrive, the game begins and as you progress through it the outcome is dependent on the players' own ability to learn, adapt and apply that learning to unlock clues and overcome challenges.

Now that you know a bit more about When Shadows Fall, the question is: are you game? If you are, start by booking your stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. No matter where When Shadows Fall is located, we will be in range for you to not only play, but also to enjoy everything that Central Florida has to offer. And after a day at the theme parks, if you still have the energy to meet a good challenge, book your tickets for When Shadow Falls and see if you got what it takes to get through Orlando's most interactive game experience.

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