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Animal Kingdom Lights Up at Night this Summer

Alive with Magic is the new “theme” for Disney’s youngest theme park, which opened its doors in 1998 but only kept “daytime hours” until 2016, when it added a new take on evening entertainment

alive with magicFor years, visitors to Disney’s Animal Kingdom only had the chance to experience the nature-themed park during daylight hours—that is until this summer when the park has finally come Alive with Magic after the sun goes down. And Disney has spared no detail since the effort to light up Animal Kingdom at night required careful consideration of how lighting could affect the animals in its nature sanctuary.

In the wild, sundown means many animals will retreat in the absence of light, seeking shelter from potential predators. Likewise, many predators come alive in the dark as it is a time when they can hunt without the challenge of heat exhaustion under the scorching sun. For many years the park’s management avoided using lights at night, mainly to prevent disturbing animals or producing unnecessary stress. However, technology has evolved and the new natural lighting throughout Animal Kingdom is creating the perfect setting for nighttime adventures with the whole family.

The most noticeable lighting in the park is in its centerpiece icon—the Tree of Life—which lights up with glowing lights that change color and give park visitors a completely different perspective than its natural look in daylight. Dubbed “Nighttime Awakenings” this show of lights is cyclical with shows starting every 10 minutes until the park shuts down for the evening. Also, the new Nocturnal Encounters is a new take on the Kilimanjaro Safaris, which lights up the African Savannah as its nocturnal creatures come out and rumble through the landscape.

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