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A New Disney Restaurant at an Old-Favorite Attraction

Disney's Magic Kingdom is launching the Jungle Skipper Canteen next to its Jungle River Cruise attraction

jungle skipper canteenThe folks at Disney have been working hard to update existing attractions and themed areas to remain relevant and provide fresh experiences to the millions of guests who visit its theme parks every year. While in some cases they are scrapping legacy attractions due to poor attendance, in others they are investing in the opportunity of extending the magic of established venues. And this is how the Jungle River Cruise became the next great location for a new restaurant that features an adventure theme.

The menu at the Jungle Skipper Canteen offers a great variety of menu items inspired by exotic locations including Arepas, mojito-marinated grilled strip loin steak and even fried rice. And of course, since the restaurant is located at the Magic Kingdom's Adventureland themed section of the park, you can expect to find many more food and drink items inspired by far-off lands. The common denominator is "Tropical Food" and this is obvious to anyone who peruses their menu.

Big family traveling together? No worries, the Jungle Skipper Canteen can fit a lot of people since it boasts a 220-plus seating area. If traveling down the Amazon, Nile or Congo Rivers is your thing, then the Jungle Skipper Canteen is where you want to dine the next time you visit Disney's Magic Kingdom. Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is located a short drive away from the Magic Kingdom, so if you are thinking of visiting Orlando, we are ready to welcome you to our wonderful property. So don't think about it too much and start shopping for a great nightly rate at our resort!

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