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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Could Increase its Operating Hours in 2017

The popular zoo-like theme park may increase attendance with Rivers of Light—a grand-scale water and light effects spectacular

dak logoIf you’ve been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, then you are familiar with the fact that after 5 pm or so most of their resident animals retreat—as they would in the wild—to their dens or sleeping quarters. With the cost of a day at a theme park being just over $100 per person, many guests have clamored in the past for longer hours so that they enjoy the face value of their tickets. With this in mind, rumors floating around say that a new light show in a water setting may be in the works. The show, currently dubbed Rivers of Light, would be held after dark and thus, be enough reason to extend Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ operating hours well into the night.

Now, this would add to the already high expectations for the new Pandora—The World of Avatar, which is set to open sometime in 2017 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Additional evening shows, street performances and even new attractions are likely to start popping all over the theme park to ease both staff and guests into the evening opening hours. Without a reason for people to stay a few more hours, the theme park would continue to see decreasing attendance—especially during the winter months, when the days are shorter than during the summer.

We will continue to share updates about upcoming attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and throughout the rest of Orlando’s theme park landscape. Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is always excited to see new attractions because it gives our loyal guests a reason to come back and discover more in the Orlando they already know. So whether you are a child or an adult, we know that the upcoming additions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be the best way to enjoy your next Orlando vacation!

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