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Come to Orlando in the Winter and Forget the Cold Weather

Orlando’s mild winters can bring a cold snap or two during the season, but you will love the short lines and refreshing breeze you can handle while wearing shorts and t-shirts

winters in floridaWhile everyone has been shoveling snow and spreading salt all over their driveways, we Floridians can’t help but watch the news and smirk every time a snow-blanketed town makes it to the evening news. Central Florida is too close to the tropics to develop long-lasting snow falls, although parts of North Florida and the Panhandle get occasional white-covered mornings. Nevertheless, the weather patterns in most of Florida is usually pleasant and uneventful—quite different from the blizzards and nor’easters that get a good share of our daily newscasts.

On average, January and February have traditionally had an average temperature of just above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the most pleasant climate in the Eastern time zone. Rainy days are more of an exception than the rule, usually lasting a day or two before we return to clear skies or limited cloud coverage with lots of sunshine. In fact, even if the day starts out cold—say, somewhere in the 40s—you could very well end up with 85 degrees in the afternoon. That’s Florida weather for you.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is the perfect place for you to spend a winter vacation in Orlando. Our close proximity to theme parks, attractions, dining, entertainment, and shopping makes our resort property a perfect place to spend a few days or a week enjoying Florida’s exceptional weather. So if you are ready to make plans for your next vacation, go ahead and book your stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium and when you are here, take lots of pictures so you can show your friends, family and coworkers how you do winters in Florida.  

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