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Halloween is a popular time in Orlando and if you’ve already been to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, there’s still more scare left for you—that is, if you dare to explore The Shallow Grave

theshallowAs the night falls and people retreat into the safety of their rooms, at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium we promise that you won’t find monsters under the bed nor find things that go bump-in-the night. However, we also know that many of you come to Orlando in October on a regular basis and you may already be a bit over the theme park Halloween events. 

The Shallow Grave is located about an hour west of Orlando in Winter Haven (very close to Legoland) there is a dark and somber place where your worst dreams become a reality… The Shallow Grave is that place and while we can warn you about what you’ll experience, the reality is that it is far worst. And best of all, this is an annual event that offers fresh scares every year.

For sure The Shallow Grave can get away with things the theme park’s lawyers would frown upon but it you want to experience fear with full contact, this is the place to go to experience one of the most intense haunted house experiences in Central Florida. At The Shallow Grave you will see movie-quality sets with live-action characters who get up close and personal.

The theme of this year’s The Shallow Grave is “Haunted Hills: The Rage” and it is centered around the Van Buren family and Thaddeus, a dark character that looks like an executioner and caretaker. In fact, he is everywhere in this scare-fest, always delivering fear and agony when you least expect it. 

If you are ready to see something completely different during the month of October, you should check into the safety of Vista Cay Resort by Millenium and make it your safehouse after visiting The Shallow Grave or other local haunted houses.

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