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First the Force Awakens, Now Toy Story Comes to Life in Orlando

Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando Plans to Expand with Toy Story and Star Wars Themed Lands

Toy Story has been delighting children and adults alike for over a decade and Orlando now gets ready to welcome a new themed land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney already has a Toy Story themed land in operation at Disneyland Hong Kong, which means that it will be a proven concept on which Disney can build this new 11-acre expansion. Another important development for Disney's Hollywood Studios is the new Star Wars Land, which will cover a 14-acre expanded area. Both of these additions to the theme park will help increase attendance from a large fan base of sci-fi and animated film fans.

toy story land disney hollywood studios orlandoIn recent years, Universal Studios has been leading the race to create new reasons to attract park goers who have to decide on which theme park to attend. While its Harry Potter themed attractions were a big deal while Disney theme parks remained quiet, the fact is that that expansion is no longer a novelty—and this paves the way for new Disney attractions at its theme parks. A Toy Story themed land will certainly use the charm of Woody and the courage of Buzz Lightyear to attract families who love Disney animation films.

Toy Story is one of Disney’s most famous movie franchises, originally developed by Pixar Studios. The movie led to a successful toy product line, among other merchandise such as apparel and DVD/Blu-Ray home video. The expansion of a theme park is not something that happens every year and with the addition of Star Wars and Toy Story themed lands, Disney is going to make sure to give other theme parks around the world much to wish for. And once Toy Story Land is built, be sure to plan your stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium!

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