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The Amphicars have “Landed” at Disney Springs in Orlando!

Guests will enjoy boating around the Downtown Disney Area in their amphibious car accompanied by their own Amphicar Captain

amphicar downtown disney springsThe Downtown Disney Area, which is soon to be renamed Disney Springs, keeps amazing us and this time they have resurrected an automotive vestige of the 1960s with the addition of Amphicar rides out of the new BOATHOUSE restaurant and bar.

The Amphicar was a popular hybrid between a car and a boat, of which over 4,000 units were manufactured for sale in the USA. While the Amphicar did not become a staple of American family weekends, the curious vehicle has become a collectible sought after by its vintage collectors with an affinity for boating and rare vehicle.

The Amphicars at Disney Springs are truly the talk of town, giving guests the opportunity to experience a rare tour of the area with a knowledgeable Amphicar Captain in full nautical garb. Guests board the Amphicar on land and the Captain drives it into the lagoon where you will splashdown in comfort into the body of water. Once in the water, your Amphicar will be powered by propellers just as you would a conventional boat—how cool is that! Do know that the cars can only fit three adults plus a Captain, more than likely for safety reasons.

If you are planning to stay with us at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium during your next Orlando vacation, you should definitely plan to go on an Amphicar ride when visiting Downtown Disney. Not only will you enjoy it, you will have a chance to ride a historic vehicle that is no longer in production—but one that will mark the wholesome 1960s as one of the best times to enjoy the innovation of the automotive industry in America.

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