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Vista Cay Resort by Millenium Earns Mark of Distinction from Disney

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium Earns Mark of Distinction from Disney

We are officially a part of the Vacation Rental Home Connection, a property management program that recognizes our resort’s contribution to Disney’s success in the area

disney badgeGiven its influence in the hospitality industry of Central Florida, Disney has always set high standards for guest experiences while on vacation in Orlando. This is a guiding force in its Vacation Rental Home Connection program, which establishes quality standards across a number of rental properties, including vacation homes, condos and villas. In addition, the VRHC designation communicates value by way of creating an accessible point of contact to a ticket seller—one of the most important reasons for guests to get excited upon check-in.

Upon arrival to Vista Cay Resort by Millenium, guests can speak to an Authorized Walt Disney World Ticket Seller located at the lobby, always willing to help you figure out how to make the most out of your vacation. You can even secure your Disney theme park Fast Pass+ to ensure that you can make the most out of your day at the parks—especially during peak seasons, when attraction lines are long and winding. And with so many new attractions at Disney’s theme parks, it pays to plan ahead with their help.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is located within a 15-minute drive from the Disney Area and all of the theme parks that have made Orlando famous. Furthermore, we are also a stone’s throw from the Orange County Convention Center and the International Drive tourist district where you will find a world of entertainment, dining, shopping, and night life options. With such a convenient location, it makes perfect sense to come stay with us and enjoy the benefits of being a Vacation Rental Home Connection resort. See you soon!

MegaCon 2016 in Orlando to Feature Spiderman Creator, Stan Lee

MegaCon 2016 in Orlando to Feature Spiderman Creator, Stan Lee

The world’s largest comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming convention will have appearances from movie and TV show stars—including Marvel and DC Comics’ characters

stan lee spiderman creatorSci-fi fans will be flocking to Orlando on May 26th through the 29th, 2016 to experience the most intense fan-based convention on the face of the earth as MegaCon rolls in with a star-studded cast of celebrities. Best of all, legendary superhero creator Stan Lee will be attending—even at his ripe young age of 93 years old. And if that isn’t enough reason to attend, the 4-day event will also have stars from TV shows like the Flash, Jessica Jones, and even the Power Rangers.

Every year MegaCon attracts the most die-hard fans from a variety of media genres to include horror movies, science fiction films, video gaming, and comic books. Over 20,000 fans will be attending MegaCon, which will be held at the Orange County Convention Center. Also, with all the buzz that Star Wars The Force Awakens has generated and the upcoming release of the Star Wars spinoff movie Rogue One, sci-fi fans will rejoice with special appearances by Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO).

Star Trek fans will also have a reason to attend MegaCon since two of its most memorable characters, William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura) and George Takei (Commander Sulu), will be attending and signing autographs. And since the name-dropping is never-ending, Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) and Ralph Macchio (The Karate Kid). Who wouldn’t want to miss this awesome event!?

So if you are planning to attend MegaCon 2016, be sure to check out the great rates at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. We are conveniently located just around the corner from the convention center and our accommodations are perfect for groups—just give us a call or book online. 

Orlando City Lions Soccer Team Readies for Next Year’s Grand Opening

Orlando City Lions Soccer Team Readies for Next Year’s Grand Opening

Every soccer fan in Orlando and beyond is anxiously waiting for the inauguration of the city’s newest Major League Soccer stadium, to be built near Downtown Orlando

orlando city lions jerseyIt has been more than two years since the Orlando City Soccer Club was founded and during this time the team has been playing at the Citrus Bowl—a stadium known for hosting some games during the 1994 World Cup. However, the facilities at their current stadium have been limited and required accommodating to the needs of fans who want to live out their soccer match experience with access to amenities aligned with the current times. And so, the Orlando City Stadium idea was born and construction is now well under way with an expected completion in early 2017.

Orlando is a major tourism hub in the world, but the city has been wanting to diversify its offerings by promoting sports, festivals and other organized events. Given the large population of soccer fans in Orlando, the opportunity to bring an MLS team to the Central Florida region is synonymous with financial benefits to lodging venues, restaurants and even the theme parks since visiting fans would probably stay for several days to enjoy more of what Orlando has to offer.

The new Orlando City Stadium will have a total of 290,000 square feet of pure soccer fun, which will feature on-site bars, restaurants and other soccer-themed family entertainment. Vista Cay Resort by Millenium has been welcoming soccer fans since the inaugural Orlando City Lions game in March 2015. Our resort is located 15 minutes south of the Citrus Bowl and the site of the new Orlando City Stadium—and we are also located within 10 minutes of Universal Studios and 5 minutes from SeaWorld Orlando. So the next time you are planning to attend an Orlando City Lions soccer match, be sure to book your stay with us!

Disney is Introducing Seasonal Ticket Pricing to its Orlando Theme Parks

Disney is Introducing Seasonal Ticket Pricing to its Orlando Theme Parks

The tiered pricing will offer peak, regular and value ticket prices based on the demand of specific days or weeks when the parks experience higher attendance

july4th peakdayThe new pricing system is based on a demand-driven schedule where the parks will have peak, regular and value prices. Up until now, the pricing of tickets was a constant price that experienced periodical increases. The new pricing structure takes effect in early March 2016 and offers a tiered schedule:

» Peak Days: $114

» Regular Days: $102

» Value Days: $97

As a general rule, peak days would include holidays when the parks have a higher attendance, such as Thanksgiving Weekend, Christmas, Labor Day, Memorial Day, or even Independence Day. Regular days would be, for example, spring break season in April, but there's also value days, which are low-traffic days such as September, after kids go back to school.

If you are planning to come to Orlando anytime in 2016, be sure to book your stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium, where we have a staffed Expedia desk where you can buy theme park tickets, get theme park maps, and explore other Central Florida attractions. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Hulk Fans Rejoice as the Roller Coaster Gets Re-Assembled

Hulk Fans Rejoice as the Roller Coaster Gets Re-Assembled

While some Hulk fans were disappointed by finding their favorite roller coaster completely disassembled during the Fall of 2015, the new and improved version is finally coming together at Universal's Islands of Adventure

hulk roller coasterTheme park brands are as iconic as the attractions that draw their unique skylines and to see such a massive structure missing has made Hulk fans wonder if this is just Universal playing a prank on them. However, that is far from the truth as the Hulk was already scheduled for major maintenance to enhance not only the experience, but also provide a refreshed version that will attract fans looking for roller coaster excitement.

Word has it that the new Hulk will be faster and better than ever before and while we cannot confirm this yet, we can certainly expect to see new roller coaster carts, signage and even a new story to go along with the refresh. This roller coaster has been one of the major draws for Universal's Islands of Adventure since the park first opened in 1999. The expected re-opening is some time between the spring and summer season.

Now, Universal's Islands of Adventure guests can still get their roller coaster fix with the Dragon Challenge at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Formerly named Dueling Dragons, this twin-track roller coaster is fast and pushes G-forces like a fighter pilot does on a jet. So if you are planning to visit Universal Studios before the Hulk re-opens, know that you can still find that adrenaline rush in the Dragon Challenge.

And as always, you should book your stay with Vista Cay Resort by Millenium, which is located 5 minutes from Universal Studios and offers a convenient and affordable alternative to big-brand resorts where you are just a room number.

Universal Orlando's Mardi Gras starts TODAY and it's better than ever before

Universal Orlando's Mardi Gras starts TODAY and it's better than ever before

Starting on February 6, 2016, the Mardi Gras celebration runs through April 16 and features over a dozen concerts from top artists and bands.

mardi gras characterThe Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) event brings together locals and tourists alike in this Florida version of the popular New Orleans' street party. But unlike the Big Easy, our Orlando Mardi Gras celebration lasts a lot longer and every night is a party at Universal Orlando. 

Be aware that there will be lots of bead necklaces thrown around at Universal Orlando's Mardi Gras as the crowd cheers and dances until the wee hours of the night. Do know that admission to the Mardi Gras celebration includes access to concerts, the parade and plenty of French Quarter music performances.

And these are the artists who will be performing at the 2016 Universal Orlando Mardi Gras concerts and their concert dates:

Hunter Hayes: February 6

Diana Ross: February 13

Bare naked Ladies: February 14

Nate Ruess: February 20

Fall Out Boy: February 27

Kool & The Gang: March 5

The Fray: March 12

Adam Lambert: March 13

Shawn Mendes: March 19

3 Doors Down: March 20

REO Speedwagon: March 26

T-Pain: April 2

Jesse J: April 9

Yandel: April 16

Now, children are admitted to most areas but this is definitely an adult party with street dancing and alcoholic beverages. We advise you to check with Universal Studios’ Guest Relations at the park to get more information about this event and look forward to welcoming you at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium.

And remember to book early as availability is limited during theme park celebrations and special events!

Sugar Factory Orlando Opens at I-Drive 360, Next to The Orlando Eye

Sugar Factory Orlando Opens at I-Drive 360, Next to The Orlando Eye

A place where trendy decor and lively music mix up to create a night-time hotspot with South Beach flair, right here in Orlando, Florida

sugar factory orlandoWhat do you get when you mix Miami-hip with bubble gum pop styling? Wonder no more as Sugar Factory Orlando, an American Brasserie, is now open to delight you with its impressive high-energy ambiance, exquisite food and the best mixed drinks in Central Florida—many of them served in Sugar Factory's signature goblets. The restaurant offers a full menu that includes appetizers, entrees and desserts—and of course, a craft drink menu second to none. Servers abound in this establishment and they are dressed in trendy attire to match the décor. And we can't forget about the countless sweets you will find throughout the restaurant, whicn includes ice cream, lollipops and plenty of chewy candy. 

Now, a word of caution… If you don’t like flashing lights and loud music, Sugar Factory Orlando may not be the best place for you. From the moment you walk in you get the feeling that you are in a dance club as upbeat music plays loudly throughout the restaurant. The bar area is always busy, as it mimics the bar experience at Ultra Lounges or VIP establishments. But perhaps the most amazing part of Sugar Factory Orlando is its sugary treats available in the retail store, where you can get a hold of classic candy as well as some of the latest creations and tendencies in the sweets industry.

Sugar Factory Orlando opened at the I-Drive 360 complex, known for its gigantic Orlando Eye Ferris Wheel, and it joins a set of established restaurants that cater to the constant flow of tourists visiting this location. Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is located a short drive from Sugar Factory Orlando and taxi cabs are plentiful so that you can enjoy the evening and then simply get dropped off for a good night sleep. We look forward to your enjoyment of Sugar Factory Orlando and hope your stay with us is exceptional so you can tell all your friends and family about it.  

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Could Increase its Operating Hours in 2017

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Could Increase its Operating Hours in 2017

The popular zoo-like theme park may increase attendance with Rivers of Light—a grand-scale water and light effects spectacular

dak logoIf you’ve been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, then you are familiar with the fact that after 5 pm or so most of their resident animals retreat—as they would in the wild—to their dens or sleeping quarters. With the cost of a day at a theme park being just over $100 per person, many guests have clamored in the past for longer hours so that they enjoy the face value of their tickets. With this in mind, rumors floating around say that a new light show in a water setting may be in the works. The show, currently dubbed Rivers of Light, would be held after dark and thus, be enough reason to extend Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ operating hours well into the night.

Now, this would add to the already high expectations for the new Pandora—The World of Avatar, which is set to open sometime in 2017 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Additional evening shows, street performances and even new attractions are likely to start popping all over the theme park to ease both staff and guests into the evening opening hours. Without a reason for people to stay a few more hours, the theme park would continue to see decreasing attendance—especially during the winter months, when the days are shorter than during the summer.

We will continue to share updates about upcoming attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and throughout the rest of Orlando’s theme park landscape. Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is always excited to see new attractions because it gives our loyal guests a reason to come back and discover more in the Orlando they already know. So whether you are a child or an adult, we know that the upcoming additions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be the best way to enjoy your next Orlando vacation!

Come to Orlando in the Winter and Forget the Cold Weather

Come to Orlando in the Winter and Forget the Cold Weather

Orlando’s mild winters can bring a cold snap or two during the season, but you will love the short lines and refreshing breeze you can handle while wearing shorts and t-shirts

winters in floridaWhile everyone has been shoveling snow and spreading salt all over their driveways, we Floridians can’t help but watch the news and smirk every time a snow-blanketed town makes it to the evening news. Central Florida is too close to the tropics to develop long-lasting snow falls, although parts of North Florida and the Panhandle get occasional white-covered mornings. Nevertheless, the weather patterns in most of Florida is usually pleasant and uneventful—quite different from the blizzards and nor’easters that get a good share of our daily newscasts.

On average, January and February have traditionally had an average temperature of just above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the most pleasant climate in the Eastern time zone. Rainy days are more of an exception than the rule, usually lasting a day or two before we return to clear skies or limited cloud coverage with lots of sunshine. In fact, even if the day starts out cold—say, somewhere in the 40s—you could very well end up with 85 degrees in the afternoon. That’s Florida weather for you.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is the perfect place for you to spend a winter vacation in Orlando. Our close proximity to theme parks, attractions, dining, entertainment, and shopping makes our resort property a perfect place to spend a few days or a week enjoying Florida’s exceptional weather. So if you are ready to make plans for your next vacation, go ahead and book your stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium and when you are here, take lots of pictures so you can show your friends, family and coworkers how you do winters in Florida.  

Another Year Comes to a Close but… We’ll be Waiting for you in 2016

Another Year Comes to a Close but… We’ll be Waiting for you in 2016

As the year 2015 comes to a close, Orlando has been blessed with a wonderful year, starting and ending with amazing weather, but also with new attractions and entertainment

Happy New Year 2016With all the holiday parties, family gatherings and New Year’s celebrations, we know you will be ready for a vacation in 2016. In fact, we are so sure that you will want to come to Orlando that we are excited to greet you on your next vacation. But don’t just take our word for it, we have had record-breaking visitors topping 60 million people, as well as a re-development of many areas of Orlando to include International Drive and the hard-to-miss Orlando Eye attraction. Add to that the numerous new attractions, shows and other features added across Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, and even The Fun Spot—all of them have been working hard to welcome you in 2016 and we know you can’t wait to get here.

Now, every year we share some kind advice that you should never take for granted: book your vacation early! While the New Year 2016 will start soon, the fact is that some key holidays and periods are more popular than others and this means we can be fully booked when you least expect it. We invite you to plan ahead and start looking at your potential vacation or getaway breaks to secure your place at our beautiful Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. Thanks to our close proximity to theme parks, attractions, entertainment, dining, and shopping—as well as the Orange County Convention Center—there is no better place to stay on your next Orlando vacation in 2016!

Can’t decide yet? That’s OK, we won’t hold it against you but we invite you to stay informed of everything 2016 will bring by reading our blog. Throughout 2016 we will continue to share news, updates and any new additions to our theme park playground, which consistently crowns Orlando as the Top Family Vacation Destination in the World.

We wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year 2016—cheers to all!

Corona Cigars in Sand Lake Road is the World’s Largest Cigar Store

Corona Cigars in Sand Lake Road is the World’s Largest Cigar Store

If you enjoy lighting up a cigar while sipping from a single-malt scotch or bourbon, Corona will be the one place in Orlando you’ll never want to leave

Some said that the cigar craze of the late 1990s would never last. Others say it never ended—it just weeded out the occasional cigar aficionado to make way for avid followers known as Brothers of the Leaf. The fact is that cigar smoking has remained a popular trend with an ever-growing following that spans all social and economic classes, as well as education levels. And thanks to that following, Corona Cigars has thrived in Central Florida with three locations—starting with its original “first” store on Sand Lake Road, near Orlando's International Drive.

corona cigar companyCorona Cigars is a cigar smoker’s haven where the entire store is a walk-in humidor. With a selection of more than 100,000 cigars, the store also features the Drew Estate Lounge—a full-service bar and café. Named after the Drew Estate cigar factory, which produces some of the world’s best cigars outside of Cuba, the lounge features wooden hi-tops with lots of elaborate ashtrays. The wide selection of liquors also includes Japanese whiskey, cognacs and other unique spirits imported from every corner of the globe.

Along with the sale of cigars, Corona Cigars also offers a wide selection of humidors, cigar cutters, lighters, and apparel. The southwest Orlando location for Corona Cigars is located within minutes of Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. In addition, Corona Cigars is the perfect place to sit back and relax after a great lunch or dinner in Sand Lake Restaurant Row. So the next time you book your stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium, be sure to visit Corona Cigars, which is an attraction of its own outside of the wonderful theme parks we have in Orlando.

Where to Celebrate the New Year 2016 in Orlando

Where to Celebrate the New Year 2016 in Orlando

Orlando is the family entertainment capital of the world, but that does not mean grown ups can’t have some fun welcoming the New Year

Orlando is known for great theme parks, amazing attractions and outlet shopping, but our city is also a great place to enjoy a good party for New Year’s Eve. Here are some of the best places to welcome the new year:

  • Theme Parks: Of course, this is the obvious choice for most people and it also means it will be one of the most crowded places. Nevertheless, if you love theme parks and don’t mind being one of thousands more who gathered to enjoy the celebration—then be sure to get your tickets to Disney, Universal or SeaWorld. Best advice we can give is to avoid dressing up for the theme park celebration since most people will have been there all day already. Also, Florida evenings can get chilly, so even if it is a nice sunny day you could get temperatures dropping below 60 degrees after dark.
  • Downtown Orlando: This is truly an off-the-beaten-path location for tourists, but it would give you a “local” experience rather than the touristy celebration with champagne and fireworks. The Church Street area in Downtown Orlando has numerous bars, lounges and restaurants that will be celebrating New Years—worth a try if you’ve already done the theme park thing. And don’t miss our own Times Square-style Orange Drop to countdown to the New Year 2016.
  • Vista Cay Resort by Millenium: We  know that not everyone is looking for a big party. If you and your friends or family want a more intimate celebration, why not just have your own? Plan to head out to a restaurant that evening, then get bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine and bring it back to your room. You can then kick back and celebrate without worries about having to drive or stay out too late. After all, going to Disney or Universal theme park on the first day of the year means you should get a good night sleep the night before—and what a great way to start 2016!

And be sure to not wait until the last minute to book your stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. We are a perfect location for you to come back to rest away the excitement of the night. And if you choose to stay indoors for the celebration, we are a great place to enjoy it privately and with all the conveniences of your own home. 

Orlando Holiday Shopping Guide—Where to Shop till you Drop

Orlando Holiday Shopping Guide—Where to Shop till you Drop

Central Florida offers locals and tourists one of the most amazing shopping experiences in the Southeast US

Theme parks are a big draw during the holidays, mostly because its season-specific décor, entertainment and programming which delights young and old alike. However, more and more people from all over the country and the rest of the world flock to Orlando’s world-class shopping experience. Here are some of the best places to get unique gifts and amazed friends and loved ones with a present they will always remember.

holiday shopping1. Orlando Premium Outlets: There are actually two of these in Orlando—one at the north end of International Drive and another on Vineland Avenue,near Lake Buena Vista. At the Orlando Premium Outlets you will find a mishmash of top brands from names like Coach, Prada or Michael Kors competing to earn your hard-earned dollars with the lowest prices in the premium retail industry. A little-known secret is that the outlets sell previous years’ fashion at pret-a-porter (ready to wear) prices, saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars on a complete wardrobe.

2. The Mall at Millenia: If you are looking for premium brands but want the very latest fashion trends, you need to head over to the Mall at Millenia where you will find high-end anchor stores like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s, but also highly-exclusive premium retailers like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co. and Salvatore Ferragamo, among many other boutique and one-of-a-kind shopping experiences. And if you happen to get hungry from all the shopping, you can enjoy fine-dining experiences with great lunch prices at Brio’s Italian Grille, The Cheescake Factory, P.F. Changs, and The Capital Grille.

3. The Florida Mall: If you are looking for the traditional shopping mall experience, then plan to spend a whole day at The Florida Mall, located on Sand Lake Road and US 441, halfway between International Drive and the Orlando International Airport. You will find favorite anchor stores like Sears, JC Penney’s and Dillard’s, but also more than 200 brand-name retailers like Fossil, Oakley and GameStop. The Florida Mall’s food court was recently expanded in late 2015 and now you have even more dining options than ever before.

4. Pointe Orlando: Last but not least, Point Orlando is actually closest to Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. Located between International Drive and Universal Blvd., Pointe Orlando is an open-layout shopping venue that doubles as a nightlife hotspot after dark. It also offers some of Orlando’s top dining venues all in one place, including the Tommy Bahama themed restaurant, The Capital Grille, Taverna Opa, and the Blue Martini lounge. You can’t go wrong with spending an afternoon or evening at this amazing shopping venue located across from the Orange County Convention Center.

Ready to travel and start shopping? Explore the latest special rates on the Vista Cay Resort by Millenium website. We are always ready to welcome both new and past guests to the wonderful oasis we’ve got set up in the heart of Orlando’s best tourist district of International Drive. See you soon!

NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing is the Fastest Attraction on International Drive

NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing is the Fastest Attraction on International Drive

Experience the excitement of NASCAR racing in a smaller scale but with the same exhilarating feeling of racing a stock car at the Daytona 500

I Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart RacingYou don’t have to head out to Daytona Beach to experience NASCAR racing. Just a few miles down International Drive from Vista Cay Resort by Millenium you will find NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing—an indoor go-kart experience like no other in Central Florida. Participants of the NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing can race the superfast SODIKART RTX, a state-of-the-art vehicle designed for both safety and excitement without compromising the adrenaline rush of stock car racing.

The NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing attraction features a kart track with 12 turns, three hairpins and one chicane, along with the "Senna S" maneuver paying homage to the late Ayrton Senna. Guests can purchase lap packages to keep the fun going for a long time. And if you get hungry during your racing adventure, this venue also has a restaurant—the Grandstand Bar & Grille—which features food you’d find at most NASCAR racetracks around the country. And if you love the racing experience, you can get NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing to host your next birthday or special events.

How close is the NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing to Vista Cay Resort by Millenium? Well, you could say it is only a short lap around International Drive. So whether you are taking a day trip to Daytona Beach to see NASCAR’s International Speedway or spending an afternoon at the NASCAR I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing experience, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is the place where you can rest and regain your strength after the excitement. Click on over to great rates and book your next stay in Orlando, Florida with us!

The Artegon Markeplace, a unique and enchanting shopping experience on I-Drive

The Artegon Markeplace, a unique and enchanting shopping experience on I-Drive

Formerly known as he Festival Bay Mall, this landmark shopping mall on International Drive is now one of Orlando’s most enjoyable specialty shopping venues

artegon marketplace orlandoThe Artegon Marketplace opened in November 2014, following a redevelopment period during which the previous shopping venue (known as Festival Bay) was closed. After two years of construction, reconfiguring the mall layout and procuring new tenants, it remerged with its new name and unique style of shopping. Since then, the Artegon Marketplace has grown its tenants to complement its anchor stores of Ron Jon Surf Shop and Bass Pro Shop’s Outdoor World. The Artegon Marketplace also has a Cinemark movie theater where patrons can see the latest movies with state-of-the-art sound and digital video screens.

At the Artegon Marketplace, you can find anything from handcrafted souvenirs to artwork and much more. In fact, there are very unique shops with equally interesting products that you can’t find anywhere else—and thus, that is why people keep coming to shop at the Artegon Marketplace. One such shop is Gods & Monsters a pop culture and sci fi store that carries collectibles and rare toys from films like Star Wars and Star Trek to TV series like Dr. Who and The Walking Dead. You can’t beat the experience of walking into a store with so much to see and experience—just like the rest of the Artegon Marketplace.

Now that the Holiday Shopping Season has started, both tourists and locals love the opportunity to shop the most unique stores in Central Florida—all located at the Artegon Marketplace. And if you are planning to come to Orlando on vacation, do know that the Artegon Marketplace is a popular attraction on its own. This destination shopping venue is located a few miles from Vista Cay Resort by Millenium and you can ride the I-Ride trolley from our property in about 15 minutes. So now that you know, what are you waiting for? Book your stay early and save with our great rates.

How Cold does it Get in Central Florida in the Winter? Here’s how cold…

How Cold does it Get in Central Florida in the Winter? Here’s how cold…

Florida has done a great job in branding itself as the Sunshine State, but we want to make sure you are not surprised when traveling in late fall and winter

cold temps orlandoWhen people think of Florida, they imagine Disney in a summer day or a sandy beach under the sun—that is for most of the year when temperatures stay above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you are traveling to Central Florida specifically between November and February, do know that we are prone to getting hit by cold fronts and Artic waves that can be a nasty surprise when you are not prepared for it.

So how cold does it get in Central Florida during the winter? Orlando is known for dipping below freezing due to blasts of windchills that can push the mercury down to the upper 20s. However, that is a rare occurrence since some years the temperature stays above 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, temperatures in the 40s and 50s can be quite common—at least every other day—during the winter time. While this may not be considered “winter” by most northerners visiting the area at that time, the fact is that it can get too cold for comfort.

As a general rule, if you are traveling to Florida in the fall or winter you should also bring a light jacket and a sweater. Hoodies or vests will work well too, particularly in the evenings since Central Florida’s cold snaps have a way of sneaking up on unsuspecting tourists. Of course, if you call home anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, you can simply bring a long sleeve shirt since the “chilly” temps may be nothing more than a nuisance to you.

But there’s no reason to have to sleep in the cold when you have an amazing place to come back to after an exciting day at the parks. So be sure to book your stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium early enough to secure a warm bed to rest your cold ears every night you are in Orlando. 

See NASA’s Space Shuttle Atlantis in All its Glory at the Kennedy Space Center

See NASA’s Space Shuttle Atlantis in All its Glory

Dreaming of meeting a legend? Now you can, at the Kennedy Space Center’s Visitors Complex

For years, Central Florida residents were the privileged ones to enjoy multiple Space Shuttle launches every year. Sometimes as often as every few months, we could see the flaming exhaust of the rocket boosters carving a path of vapor as the massive spaceship zoomed into the darkness of space.

space shuttle atlantisWhile its final destination was only earth’s low orbit, every launch of the Space Shuttle made us feel closer to the stars. Now that the Space Shuttle program has been retired by NASA in favor of a more affordable, reusable Orion capsule, Florida is graced to have the Atlantis back at its home spaceport—located a mere 45-minute drive from Orlando.

Space Shuttle Atlantis flew 33 missions into space, hauling everything from satellites to equipment for the International Space Station. After being retired from service in July 2011, Atlantis underwent a decommissioning process to prepare it for its biggest mission of all: to become a permanent display at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida’s Space Coast.

Today, thousands of people visit this “living” legend and are captivated not only by its size, but by the passion for spaceflight that it created for many generations to come. And if that’s not enough, any visit to Space Shuttle Atlantis should include watching the amazing IMAX films on display at the KSC Visitors Complex, where you can experience footage from many shuttle missions.

Once you are ready to return to earth after your trip to Kennedy Space Center and following the daydreaming of flying on the Space Shuttle Atlantis, you can fire up your reentry thrusters and dock at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. While we don’t have zero gravity, we have everything you need to make your next stay in Central Florida an enjoyable experience.

So don’t forget to plan your visit to the Kennedy Space Center and don’t forget to book your stay with us!

Disney Springs Food Trucks are a Hit with Tourists and Locals Alike

Disney Springs Food Trucks are a Hit with Tourists and Locals Alike

It seems that Disney knows when to ride the wave of a good trend and their food truck park at the former Downtown Disney is satisfying the hunger of its guests

namaste food truckNow that the new Disney Springs name is official, there is another great reason to visit this free-access entertainment and dining complex. The Food Truck Park at Disney Springs has gathered a foursome of tasty food trucks that include:

  • Fantasy Fare — Discover popular menu items from all Disney theme parks at this enchanting food truck featuring American-style cuisine. 

  • Namaste Cafe — This food truck offers a trip around Asia, inspired by the colorful and flavorful taste of menu items from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. 

  • Superstar Catering — Another American-inspired food truck with an adventurous flair that includes flatbreads and sandwiches, plus tasty house-made chips. 

  • World Showcase of Flavors — This food truck features food from Epcot’s World Showcase and includes delicacies from several of its exhibiting countries.

Remember that access to Disney Springs is free, making it the perfect place to spend an evening with your family and enjoy the sights and sounds without paying for a the park ticket. Parking is also free, so now you know where to go when you are looking for a great place with plenty of choice for dining!

And after you fill your belly with the good stuff from Disney Springs, you can come “home” to your bed at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium and rest to get refreshed before another exciting day at the theme parks! 

The Shallow Grave is Central Florida’s Scariest Haunted House

Halloween is a popular time in Orlando and if you’ve already been to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, there’s still more scare left for you—that is, if you dare to explore The Shallow Grave

theshallowAs the night falls and people retreat into the safety of their rooms, at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium we promise that you won’t find monsters under the bed nor find things that go bump-in-the night. However, we also know that many of you come to Orlando in October on a regular basis and you may already be a bit over the theme park Halloween events. 

The Shallow Grave is located about an hour west of Orlando in Winter Haven (very close to Legoland) there is a dark and somber place where your worst dreams become a reality… The Shallow Grave is that place and while we can warn you about what you’ll experience, the reality is that it is far worst. And best of all, this is an annual event that offers fresh scares every year.

For sure The Shallow Grave can get away with things the theme park’s lawyers would frown upon but it you want to experience fear with full contact, this is the place to go to experience one of the most intense haunted house experiences in Central Florida. At The Shallow Grave you will see movie-quality sets with live-action characters who get up close and personal.

The theme of this year’s The Shallow Grave is “Haunted Hills: The Rage” and it is centered around the Van Buren family and Thaddeus, a dark character that looks like an executioner and caretaker. In fact, he is everywhere in this scare-fest, always delivering fear and agony when you least expect it. 

If you are ready to see something completely different during the month of October, you should check into the safety of Vista Cay Resort by Millenium and make it your safehouse after visiting The Shallow Grave or other local haunted houses.

The Walking Dead Returns to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

The Walking Dead Returns to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

The dead rise once again at Universal’s premiere Halloween event in Orlando—and the walkers are more rotten and scarier than ever

AMC’s The Walking Dead and its spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, are continuing to make headlines outside of their weekly network lineup. As the fall arrives, the days get shorter and things that go bump in the night start to come out as the sun goes down. Halloween Horror Nights has been scaring locals and tourists alike for more than two decades and Universal Studios knows how to keep track of what makes people scream. That is why in 2015 they are bringing back its dark maze to take you through the world of zombies and other scary things that will make your heart pop out of your chest.

dont open dead inside halloween horror nightsAs they do every year, Universal Orlando closes its gates as the day comes to an end, giving way for the darkness of its signature hayride-galore which features ghouls, monsters and other scary characters from movies and TV shows. The Walking Dead is already the most successful cable TV show ever and it has a special and very dark place at Halloween Horror Nights. Going on for four years, The Walking Dead continues to bring fear to those who dare to buy a special ticket to access the Halloween-themed event.

If you have followed The Walking Dead on TV, you can certainly expect to know that the name “Terminus” means and you can rest assured that some of its most tense and daunting moments will be recreated during this edition of the Halloween Horror Nights scare maze. The Terminus maze will also be making headlines because this will be the largest maze used in any Halloween Horror Nights event—ever. Halloween Horror Nights runs for 30 select nights between September 18th and November 1st, including Halloween night, although we recommend you attend before that night to avoid longer lines at the scare zones.

And as always, you can return safe and sound to Vista Cay Resort by Millenium, where you will always be protected from The Walking Dead.

Check Out Some of the Newest Restaurants at I-Drive 360

Check Out Some of the Newest Restaurants at I-Drive 360

Orlando’s best dining spots can be found in the heart of International Drive’s newest attraction destination

tapa toro paella orlandoSince it opened in early summer 2015, I-Drive 360 has become an icon to Orlando’s best-known tourist district—International Drive—and now it is also home to exquisite restaurants that have become the talk of town. If you like Spanish food—as in authentic cuisine from Spain—you should (or rather must) try Tapa Toro. This amazing new dining venue has been inspired by the flair of Flamenco dancers and the bravery of bullfighters, and it offers its patrons an impressive wine list and made-to-order paellas (like the one on the picture on the left).

Next on the list is The Yard House, a new and modern take on the sports bar with an infinite list of beers on their menu, along with a gourmet selection of bar favorites with added style. Whether you go there for lunch, dinner or drinks, you will love the ambiance and energy of this I-Drive 360 restaurant. But if you are looking for something exotic, Naru Restaurant and Sushi Bar is also a great place for Japanese-inspired delicacies, offering a full-service menu to delight you and yours with colorful and delicious entrees, appetizers and sushi.

Want to kick back and relax while enjoying all-American food? The Shake Shack will take you back in time to a more wholesome era where burgers, fries and shakes defied the healthy kick of today. They also serve their amazing Flat-Top Dogs, Frozen Custard and a full list of wine and beer for the grown ups' enjoyment. And if that is not enough, stay tuned for the upcoming grand opening of Sugar Factory but if you can’t wait and still want to try something fresh and out of the ordinary, head over to I-Drive 360’s Tin Roof for a dining and live music experience like no other.

So there you go folks, there’s plenty to be enjoyed at the new I-Drive 360 and as always, keep in mind that Vista Cay by Millenium is a stone’s throw away from this amazing hotspot on International Drive!

The 20th Edition of the International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot Starts on September 25th

The 20th Edition of the International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot Starts on September 25th

Get ready to enjoy the world’s top food, wine, beer, and much more—all within one amazing Disney theme park in sunny Orlando

The 2015 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is one of Disney’s most attended special events throughout the year. Starting on September 25th through November 16th, this Disney theme park will welcome thousands of people every day who come to enjoy the most amazing delicacies ranging from the exotic to the rare.

food and wineIn addition to the food and drink, park attendees can also enjoy colorful displays of national heritage in not only the World Showcase pavilions, but throughout the park since the event is being held with the participation of many more countries.

Another exciting benefit of attending Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival is the many side events throughout the park. For example, you can also attend premium demonstrations such as mixology, beverage and culinary seminars. Visiting chefs have also their place at the event and some of them hold celebrity status as their signature dishes and restaurants have been recognized throughout the culinary world. The event is open to every guest with a paid theme admission, but alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer are only available to people over 21 years of age.

All five continents are represented at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. And while attending the event, be sure to look for the Cheese Studio, the Brewer’s Collection, Craft Beers, or the Farm Fresh experiences located throughout Epcot’s World Showcase. Can’t wait to come to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival? Be sure to check out Vista Cay Resort by Millenium’s exceptional fall rates—and book early as the fall may be slow but great properties such as our resort book fast.

Orlando Becomes Top Meeting Destination in America for 2015

Orlando Becomes Top Meeting Destination in America for 2015

Cvent has named Orlando number one among all other meeting industry destination cities

cvent top 50 badgeThe honor bestowed on Orlando is based on a thorough evaluation by Cvent—a leader in event management solutions—and was based on a broad range of qualifying factors, measured from July 2014 to 2015. The criteria focuses on everything from total number of proposals received and room nights booked, to the percentage of qualified venues for holding meetings. It is no secret that Orlando has been leading the race for domination in the business meetings and conventions arena, but traditionally this top spot was given to cities like Chicago or Las Vegas.

Every week Orlando hosts over a dozen medium to large-size conventions and trade shows. However, smaller meetings bring in thousands of people for a wide range of events to include seminars, specialized training and private corporate events. And not for nothing, Orlando is well-prepared to receive business travelers with an established infrastructure that was built for our 60-plus million annual tourist influx—all giving business visitors a place that is perfect for them to come enjoy not just business, but leisure and excitement like no other place.

A notable number from Cvent’s research was the number of hotels that can host meetings, which is over 450 as of July 2015. Vista Cay Resort by Millenium offers exceptional facilities for small meetings and can accommodate convention attendees with ease of access to the Orange County Convention Center, which is located next to the resort. No matter what meeting you are attending in Orlando, we are the top destination property for you and your associates. So check out our amazing rates and get ready to enjoy the top meeting destination in America with Vista Cay Resort by Millenium.

International Drive Gets Ready for iSquare Mall and it is Massive!

International Drive Gets Ready for iSquare Mall and it is Massive!

Just when you thought I-Drive in Orlando couldn’t top The Orlando Eye… A new shopping mall and entertainment experience is getting ready to break ground

international drive landscapeOrlando is known for Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld by most people who come to our wonderful tourist destination. However, in the past few years International Drive—Orlando’s most vibrant tourist district—has become a major point of reference for those who visit on leisure or business. Not only has the iconic strip had a facelift, a new wave of redevelopment has hit with the addition of I-Drive 360, The Orlando Eye, Madame Tussaud’s Orlando, and SEA LIFE Orlando. Add to that a dozen new restaurants such as Tapa Toro or The Yard House and you know that the hottest spot in town is not in the theme parks any more.

The new iSquare Mall has been a rumored new attraction-turned-destination and this month its developers have made the announcement official. The new iSquare Mall will be located in the northeast corner of International Drive and Kirkman Road, very close to The Fun Spot—another popular non-theme park destination. The massive project will not only offer dining, shopping and entertainment, it will also have an ice skating rink and a helipad. Add to that an avant garde façade with state-of-the-art technology, energy efficient windows and even a green roof. Without question, this new project will add to I-Drive’s facelift and raise the bar for all future additions to the famous Orlando strip.

Construction will begin in 2016 and the project is expected to be completed by 2017. The iSquare Mall will likely reshape the area and revitalize the North End of International Drive like no other theme park or attraction could. New shopping venues means that more people will stay within the International Drive area during the high tourist season, allowing them to partake in everything this district has to offer. With its quick access to Universal Studios and Interstate 4, the iSquare Mall will be the best enhancement International Drive has seen in years.

We know that you love to come to Orlando and stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium—and we are happy to remind you of how close we are to the site of the iSquare Mall. In fact, we are a few minutes away from that location by traveling down Universal Blvd.—so start planning your trip to Orlando!

First the Force Awakens, Now Toy Story Comes to Life in Orlando

First the Force Awakens, Now Toy Story Comes to Life in Orlando

Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando Plans to Expand with Toy Story and Star Wars Themed Lands

Toy Story has been delighting children and adults alike for over a decade and Orlando now gets ready to welcome a new themed land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney already has a Toy Story themed land in operation at Disneyland Hong Kong, which means that it will be a proven concept on which Disney can build this new 11-acre expansion. Another important development for Disney's Hollywood Studios is the new Star Wars Land, which will cover a 14-acre expanded area. Both of these additions to the theme park will help increase attendance from a large fan base of sci-fi and animated film fans.

toy story land disney hollywood studios orlandoIn recent years, Universal Studios has been leading the race to create new reasons to attract park goers who have to decide on which theme park to attend. While its Harry Potter themed attractions were a big deal while Disney theme parks remained quiet, the fact is that that expansion is no longer a novelty—and this paves the way for new Disney attractions at its theme parks. A Toy Story themed land will certainly use the charm of Woody and the courage of Buzz Lightyear to attract families who love Disney animation films.

Toy Story is one of Disney’s most famous movie franchises, originally developed by Pixar Studios. The movie led to a successful toy product line, among other merchandise such as apparel and DVD/Blu-Ray home video. The expansion of a theme park is not something that happens every year and with the addition of Star Wars and Toy Story themed lands, Disney is going to make sure to give other theme parks around the world much to wish for. And once Toy Story Land is built, be sure to plan your stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium!

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium loves Toy Story and Star Wars fans, so check out our great rates and book early for your convenience.

Mango’s Tropical Café is bringing Latin-style entertainment to International Drive Orlando

Mango’s Tropical Café is bringing Latin-style entertainment to International Drive Orlando

The popular South Beach hot spot is actively being constructed in the heart of Orlando’s I-Drive

Anyone who has been to Miami’s South Beach and walked along Ocean Drive knows that the hottest spot in South Florida is also the most colorful and lively—and its name is Mango’s Tropical Cafe. Now, Orlando is getting ready to receive the high-energy blend of restaurant and dance club where the salsa, merengue and cumbia beat keeps its patrons dancing till the wee hours of the night. And the fact that it will be located near the intersection of International Drive and Sand Lake Road—a popular dining district—means that Mango’s Orlando is ready to raise the bar in nightlife entertainment.

mangos tropical cafe concept orlandoMango’s Tropical Café in Orlando plans to open in late 2015 and its massive 55,000 square foot location is planning to attract not only tourists and locals, but also business travelers who attend conventions and trade shows. Recently, Orlando was ranked number one among the Top 20 U.S. Destinations for Meetings in the United States and entertaining and dining venues along I-Drive know the potential of this often-overlooked niche market. Currently, the Orlando/Orange County Convention Center receives more than a dozen major conventions or trade shows every week.

Why are we excited to have Mango’s Tropical Café coming to Orlando? This new venue is bringing the legacy of South Florida’s top Latin-themed destination into the vibrant entertainment district of International Drive—and Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is a proud member of this community of businesses, lodging venues and local attractions. So get your dancing shoes ready because Mango’s Orlando is going to make sure that you will shake, swing and twirl to the best Latin music in Central Florida.

Be sure to book your upcoming vacation at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium to take advantage of great seasonal rates.

SeaWorld Gets Ready for Mako, Central Florida’s First Hypercoaster

SeaWorld Gets Ready for Mako, Central Florida’s First Hypercoaster

Rivaling all other roller coasters in Orlando, Mako will feature a 200-foot drop and reach speeds of up to 70 MPH

As Orlando theme parks continue to overhaul and renew the excitement of its rides and attractions, SeaWorld has upped the ante with an all-new attraction that will crown it as king of the roller coaster—or better yet, Central Florida’s first hypercoaster. The high-speed experience that SeaWorld plans to give its visitors is truly unmatched by any of Orlando’s theme parks and promises to deliver an adrenaline rush like no other. Currently, SeaWorld has two other roller coasters—Manta and Kraken—but Mako will dwarf them with its 200-foot drop and immense structure.

mako hyper coaster seaworld orlandoHyper coasters have been around for just over two decades and have become staples of amusement parks such as Six Flags. The world of roller coasters has a strong following worldwide, to the extent that there are associations with organized members who travel around the world seeking the thrill of the drops and tight turns of these entertainment venues. SeaWorld hopes to attract crowds of loyal roller coaster fans, who spare no expense when it comes to enjoying them.

The last time SeaWorld Orlando added a roller coaster was in 2009, when it inaugurated Manta, and it has been a sheer success. The addition of Mako in 2016 will grow the SeaWorld coaster family to a total of three, making it the most roller coasters in one single Orlando theme park. And as you can expect, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is the place where you can come rest after a long day riding Mako.

So be sure to book your Orlando vacation with us early as we expect 2016 to be a year to remember!

Universal Islands of Adventure Awarded Top Spot in TripAdvisor

Universal Islands of Adventure Awarded Top Spot in TripAdvisor

The adventure, wizardry and heroic themed amusement park topples the Magic Kingdom to take the lead in TripAdvisor’s coveted list

universal studios floridaAsk anyone what the best theme park in Orlando is and chances are most people will say it is one of the four Disney parks. However, TripAdvisor has just released the results of its worldwide survey and the results have stunned Orlando theme park fans—and not without good reason. Every year, over 60 million visitors come to Central Florida seeking to experience our world-famous theme parks, exciting local attractions and a wide array of dining and shopping venues. And while we are on the subject, TripAdvisor has placed Orlando among the top 3 spots on their rankings for entertainment destinations.

Universal Islands of Adventure has been gaining popularity thanks to its Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which has been attracting park goers since its grand opening in 2010. Add to that a new extension of this themed attraction at its sister park, Universal Studios Florida, and now you have a super combo to sway thrill seekers away from its fierce competitors. In fact, Universal Studios has been experiencing a period of growth unmatched by Disney or SeaWorld. While the other parks have also kept busy building new attractions, Universal continues to wow visitors with not only new rides, but also a new water park currently under construction.

So what does this mean for future visitors? Simple, Universal Studios is not only growing, but also renewing itself by removing old rides and replacing them with new ones in an effort to keep the hunger for new rides alive and ready to feed thrill seekers. With the upcoming addition of the Reign of Kong at Universal Islands of Adventure and the construction of Volcano Bay Water Park, you can expect things to not just get better for Universal, but also for its competing theme parks which will undoubtedly seek to one-up them with bigger and better rides and attractions.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is always excited to welcome theme park fans and we invite you to explore special rates on select dates, reminding you to book early to secure your place at our wonderful resort property. See you soon on your next Orlando vacation!

Disney Hollywood Studios Revamps its Flagship Attraction: The Great Movie Ride

Disney Hollywood Studios Revamps its Flagship Attraction

The Great Movie Ride has pretty much remained the same since the then-named MGM Studios opened in 1989—but it just got a long-overdue refresh

the great movie ride 2015Recent news about theme parks taking down and replacing existing attractions seems to be contagious, as Disney and Universal seek to redesign or replace them with newer, more engaging or interactive experiences. Disney’s Hollywood Studios has recently modernized The Great Movie Ride with new features building on the themes that made it famous.

The redevelopment of The Great Movie Ride has been done in partnership with TCM (Turner Classic Movies) and it has been a welcome sight at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Movie posters are now displayed in LCD screens, there is a new movie ending and branding for TCM can be seen throughout the ride. Rumors of more updates abound, but it seems that the revamping may be all we will see for now. That is, until new blockbuster movies are added periodically to keep the interest alive and the movie fans flowing through the ride.

The quarter-century old attraction had been showing its age and was obviously not taking advantage of the newest technologies in animatronics and interactivity. While we would have wanted to see more modernization, Disney seems to have big plans for this theme park, which is also rumored to be changing its name—possibly to cover a wider range of media formats without pigeon-holing it as “another movie theme park” in Orlando. That said, expect many more exciting announcements from Disney, which seems to be on a roll when it comes to renewing the faith of its loyal mouse-followers.

We know you love the movies and if you do, be sure to visit the new Great Movie Ride experience—but before you do, book your stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium and make us your base camp during your stay in Orlando.

The Orlando Premium Outlets Are Better Than Ever

The Orlando Premium Outlets Are Better Than Ever

Discover a shopping paradise where you can find top brands without burning a hole in your pocket and it is just down the road from Vista Cay Resort by Millenium

Orlando is one of the best destinations for not just vacationing, but also for doing some premium brand shopping. Located on the North End of International Drive, the Orlando Premium Outlets have become a tourist destination of its own, featuring discounted merchandise from some of the world’s most coveted brands. And if that is not enough, you can do your holiday shopping anytime since this venue stays open late every night—allowing you to shop till you know what.

orlando premium outletsThe Orlando Premium Outlets offers tourists, locals and business travelers a world of bargains in brands like Tumi, Hugo Boss, Coach, and over a hundred stores featuring clothing, consumer goods, footwear, and jewelry. In addition, the Orlando Premium Outlets are the perfect place to pick up summer wear such as sunglasses, bathing suits and portable electronics to keep you connected and entertained. Without question, if theme parks are the number one attraction in Orlando, shopping is certain to be the second most popular attraction in town.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is located just down the road from the Orlando Premium Outlets on International Drive. But wait, you also have another Orlando Premium Outlets location near Downtown Disney just south of our resort. So if you and your family want to take a day off from the theme park action and stay off the sun for a day or two, you can get lost at one of the two locations for the Orlando Premium Outlets. Be sure to check out our rates and get ready to shop and enjoy everything Orlando has to offer this summer!

What's Been Going on at Universal City Walk Orlando?

What's Been Going on at Universal City Walk Orlando?

Universal Studios' gateway to its two theme parks is also an entertainment and nightlife hotspot that has recently undergone an amazing facelift

new at city walk orlandoIn recent years, Universal Studios has been on the limelight as it opened two different attractions themed after the uber-successful Harry Potter movie franchise. Recent developments however, have enhanced another important element of Universal City Walk Orlando, following a year-long facelift operation. The theme park business has become more competitive in the last decade and this expansion is part of the strategy to become one of the top destinations for vacationers in the world.

Among the most impressive changes at Universal City Walk Orlando is the removal of the small Starbucks to make way for another restaurant, which has resulted on an even larger Starbucks signature venue. In place of the old Starbucks you will now find The Cowfish, offering an ecclectic sushi and burger bar--hence it's curious name of Cowfish. And if that's not enough, a new Italian-themed restaurant by the name of VIVO Italian Kitchen will take you on a trip around Italy's best delicacies.

Casual dining also has a home in the new Universal City Walk Orlando expansion with Red Oven Pizza, a venue that has become an icon of its own as tourists and locals flock to its Napolitan-style pizzas. The expansion began in 2014 with the addition of Antojitos Mexican restaurant and the Hot Dog Hall of Fame, featuring America's best hot dogs inspired by baseball culture.

Over the past 18 months, Orlando has experienced a recent sprawl of new venues, entertainment complexes and new restaurants, all catering to the record-breaking 60 million-plus visitors who seek the joy and excitement of the family vacation capital of the world. And not for nothing, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is ready to welcome as many of you as you can bring on your next trip--see you soon in sunny Orlando!

Sand Lake Restaurant Row, a Fine Dining Paradise Near I-Drive

Sand Lake Restaurant Row, a Fine Dining Paradise Near I-Drive

If you are an avid foodie or just an enthusiast of fine dining, you can't come to Orlando without trying a few or more of the exceptional dining venues located just around the corner from our resort

Sand Lake Road RestaurantsSand Lake Road is mostly known as the street that crosses International Drive. Head east on Sand Lake and it takes you to The Florida Mall and Orlando International Airport, but when you head south, you enter a whole new area filled with restaurants, lounges and bars--that is, Sand Lake Restaurant Row.

This &dining district& got its name from two easily recognizable landmarks, one being it's main street name of Sand Lake Road and the other is the fact that you cannot miss the countless fine dining venues on each side of the road. And you will probably need a few visits to Orlando to experience them all, so take note of the ones we've selected for you.

Orlando is a city that appeals to people from all over the world, so the diversity in cuisine styles comes natural to a place that welcomes over 60 million visitors--both tourists and business travelers--every year. Here are our Top 5 picks for anytime dining on Sand Lake Restaurant Row:

  • Saffron Indian Cuisine - This restaurant is known for its spice-infused meals that bring the best of India's cuisine to the heart of Orlando's tourist and business travel district.
  • Rocco's Tacos - Part restaurant and part night club, this is the place to enjoy a great Mexican-inspired lunch or party at it's tequila bar packed with hundreds of premium and rare tequilas.
  • Hot'n Juicy Crawfish - The perfect place for Cajun-style seafood and a place where you can't be afraid of eating with your hands the tastiest crawfish and shrimp &in a bag&.
  • Vines Grille & Wine Bar - This is one of the locals and business travelers' favorite restaurants, featuring exceptional American fine dining specialties and an impressive wine list.
  • BRAVO! Cucina Italiana - Italy's finest pasta dishes, salads and desserts have found a home in this traditional-yet-modern twist on classic favorites.

This is just a sample of the many restaurants you will find on Sand Lake Restaurant Row, located less than 10 minutes from Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. And as a final bonus, if you love sushi you can try either Amura or Dragonfly--both located on opposite sides of Sand Lake Road and each featuring a colorful and tasty array of sushi featuring fresh fish and a wide selection of fine sakes.

So remember, come hungry to Orlando and enjoy a night out with your loved ones in Sand Lake Restaurant Row!

Universal Studios New Waterpark, Volcano Bay, to Open in 2017

Universal Studios New Waterpark, Volcano Bay, to Open in 2017

The newest addition to Universal Orlando does not involve any wizardry--just good ol' fun under the Florida sun

As Universal Orlando celebrates its 25th anniversary, they are also actively working on creating a brand new water park experience. The new Volcano Bay water park will be located near the cluster of Universal theme parks and entertainment areas, which include Universal Studios Florida, Universal Islands of Adventure and Universal City Walk. Although Universal Studios already owns the Wet’n Wild water park on International Drive, the new Volcano Bay is expected to be more of a theme park in its immersive nature, attractions and features.

conceptual artJust like many other theme parks in Orlando, Volcano Bay will have a signature iconic element which will be a smoking volcano. The water park will also include a wave pool, plenty of slides, a lazy river, and other features not yet disclosed by Universal Studios. While Volcano Bay will have a theme of its own, it is possible that Universal brings into the water park elements from other attractions to bind the new theme park to its older siblings. Without question, this new water park in Orlando will become the “next big thing” to hit the Central Florida area.

Located on a 50-acre piece of land dedicated to the water park project, Volcano Bay will become the 6th water park in the Orlando area, which is considered the family vacation capital of the world. With Central Florida enjoying warm temperatures through most of the year—even in the state’s mild winters—the water park will draw the attention of Universal Studios fans and of thrill-seekers who want to see something new and refreshing in a city that welcomes over 50 million visitors every year.

And of course, you know that Vista Cay Resort by Millennium will become your vacation headquarters during your stay in Orlando. So be sure to keep coming back to our website to discover new promotions all year round!

The Amphicars have “Landed” at Disney Springs!

The Amphicars have “Landed” at Disney Springs in Orlando!

Guests will enjoy boating around the Downtown Disney Area in their amphibious car accompanied by their own Amphicar Captain

amphicar downtown disney springsThe Downtown Disney Area, which is soon to be renamed Disney Springs, keeps amazing us and this time they have resurrected an automotive vestige of the 1960s with the addition of Amphicar rides out of the new BOATHOUSE restaurant and bar.

The Amphicar was a popular hybrid between a car and a boat, of which over 4,000 units were manufactured for sale in the USA. While the Amphicar did not become a staple of American family weekends, the curious vehicle has become a collectible sought after by its vintage collectors with an affinity for boating and rare vehicle.

The Amphicars at Disney Springs are truly the talk of town, giving guests the opportunity to experience a rare tour of the area with a knowledgeable Amphicar Captain in full nautical garb. Guests board the Amphicar on land and the Captain drives it into the lagoon where you will splashdown in comfort into the body of water. Once in the water, your Amphicar will be powered by propellers just as you would a conventional boat—how cool is that! Do know that the cars can only fit three adults plus a Captain, more than likely for safety reasons.

If you are planning to stay with us at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium during your next Orlando vacation, you should definitely plan to go on an Amphicar ride when visiting Downtown Disney. Not only will you enjoy it, you will have a chance to ride a historic vehicle that is no longer in production—but one that will mark the wholesome 1960s as one of the best times to enjoy the innovation of the automotive industry in America.

New Indiana Jones-inspired Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs in the Works

New Indiana Jones-inspired Themed Restaurant at Disney Springs in the Works

Named after Jock Lindsey, a memorable character from Raiders of the Lost Ark who flew Indiana Jones to far off locations such as the Peruvian Jungle, the Tibetan Himalayas, and Shanghai, China.

Just when you thought that Orlando couldn’t get better… A new movie-inspired restaurant named Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is scheduled to open in the fall at Downtown Disney—the entertainment and shopping complex currently being renamed as Disney Springs. Now that Disney owns the Indiana Jones franchise, which it purchased from Paramount a few years back, it makes perfect sense to beef up the hype around future adventures—presumed to be played by Guardians of the Galaxy’s Chris Pratt—with new locations throughout Disney World.

jock lindseys hangar bar disney springsSince the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, no new attraction updates have been added to Disney until now. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar will reportedly offer a mix between an adventurer’s bar and a casual diner, decorated with classic aviation décor such as propellers, travel posters and navigation maps—all creating a full-immersion ambiance in the world of the whip-cracking Dr. Jones. And if that is not enough, the menu will feature other adventure-inspired items such as the “Hovito Mojito” and the “Rolling Boulder Meatballs.”

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium also offers a great place for adventuring tourists and business travelers to enjoy their trip to Orlando. Since our resort is located in the heart of the entertainment, dining and trade show-hosting district of International Drive, you will not find a better place with such exceptional value for your stay in Orlando. Worthy of a stay by the worldliest of adventurers, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is always happy to welcome new guests—and returning ones—to its Orlando oasis of excitement.

Mario Bros. and Other Nintendo Game Characters May Soon come to Life at Universal Studios in Orlando

Mario Bros. and Other Nintendo Game Characters May Soon come to Life at Universal Studios in Orlando

The theme park has reportedly made a deal with Nintendo to create attractions and entertainment venues based on its popular video game titles

mario luigiIf you ever wanted to run, jump and crawl thought the pipe world of Mario Bros. or perhaps climb Donkey Kong’s high-rise lair, a new deal between Universal Studios Florida and Nintendo may be bringing this live videogame-inspired experience. While the details are still fuzzy, collaboration between these two big names will likely draw great interest from crowds that grew up playing these videogames. From merchandising to themed restaurants, the Nintendo deal may “1Up” other Orlando theme parks, helping Universal Studios gain ground against its biggest competitor.

In recent years, the race between Orlando theme parks to outdo each other has led to great innovation by Universal Studios—as in the case of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter—and tourists can expect this trend to continue. As technology gets more sophisticated and the live-ride experience shifts to simulation rather than a stroll-on-tracks, Universal Studios is expected to continue raising the bar. Not for nothing, Nintendo game-themed attractions at the theme park can be expected to immerse guests into a fantasy world that the whole family will enjoy.

We can only wish and hope for an interactive live-action Mario Kart ride at Universal Studios. The video game series from Nintendo has been a winner in its Wii console, as well as in the Wii U portable video game system. Characters like Mario, his brother Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Donkey Kong—along with hordes of Goomba and Koopa Troopa—would also give Universal Studios guests a chance to get their pictures taken with these video games icons.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is impatiently waiting with the rest of Orlando’s hospitality industry to hear more news about what Universal Studios partnership with Nintendo will bring. And rest assured that we will share more updates about it on our Blog!

I-Drive 360 Opens with The Orlando Eye, Madame Tussaud’s Orlando and SEA LIFE Orlando

I-Drive 360 Opens with The Orlando Eye, Madame Tussaud’s Orlando and SEA LIFE Orlando

The newest attractions open today, May 4th, 2015, in the heart of International Drive and for the delight of locals and tourists alike

The day has finally come and I-Drive 360 has opened to the general public to offer a new way to look at the Orlando landscape from over 400 feet, but also by giving visitors a glimpse into the wonders of marine life and the glamour of celebrities and famous (and sometimes infamous) characters depicted as life-like wax statues. There is no better way to open the Summer Tourist Season than with these amazing attractions in a long-awaited new entertainment complex, one that is not a theme park.

orlando eye entranceThat said, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is currently offering a special offer to entice you to come to Orlando and get to enjoy everything I-Drive 360 has to offer. Be sure to follow this link to learn more about the promotion while it lasts.

Since late 2013, the iconic International Drive has experienced a renaissance of sorts, as new restaurants and attractions have taken the place of older buildings and hotels. In many cases, existing structures were demolished and new ones have been erected in their place. The Mercado Mediterranean Market was one such structure, which was torn down to pave the way for I-Drive 360. During this renovation process, visitors and locals have seen progress take place and we are all excited to see Orlando take center stage in the Florida vacation scene.

Pretty soon we will see the grand opening of another promising destination: Mangos Orlando. The restaurant that lets you party like a nightclub with a distinct South Beach flair is currently being constructed less than a half mile from I-Drive 360. The venue will attract the beautiful and trendy to a place where music, food and dance join together for an evening of Miami-style fun. Without question, we will be showcasing Mangos Orlando in this blog as soon as it opens its doors.

We will see you in Orlando very soon and be sure to book your stay with Vista Cay Resort at Millenium before the busy season starts!

The Pub Orlando brings Classic Old World Ambiance to International Drive’s Pointe Orlando

The Pub Orlando Brings Classic Old World Ambiance to International Drive’s Pointe Orlando

The British aren’t coming… They’re here already and have brought to Central Florida the ultimate UK pub experience

There’s a place in Orlando where any day or evening can become a Friday night by simply walking in and ordering a pint of your favorite beer, ale or stout—that place is The Pub Orlando, located at the iconic Pointe Orlando entertainment, dining and shopping complex.

the pub orlando british placeFrom the moment you step foot into The Pub Orlando, you will be transported into the London ambiance where you can make friends easily by having an interesting conversation with a stranger. The fact is that The Pub Orlando is more than just a watering hole as it brings to Central Florida an array of British comfort food to include Fish and Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, and of course English Pot Roast.

But if you are not in the mood for just food and want to take a walk on the wild side like a Hooligan, step up to the bar and order one of its many exciting brews. The Pub Orlando features a variety of imported beers, ales, porters, and stouts from the United Kingdom, served on bottle or draft. And if you feel like you would want to make this place an extension of your home, be sure to buy a beer mug, which your bartender will keep hanging on the bar cabinets until your return—just remember the mug number and they will quickly retrieve it on your next visit.

If you are visiting Orlando for business or leisure, The Pub Orlando will be waiting for you to kick back British-style at the end of a long day at the Orange County Convention Center or at one of our world-famous Disney, Universal or SeaWorld theme parks. And not for nothing, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is so close to Pointe Orlando and The Pub Orlando that you can just take a taxi and not have to splurge big on transportation—allowing you to have the most fun at Orlando’s premier British pub experience!

The Newest Marine-Themed Attraction in Orlando is… The SEA LIFE Aquarium!

The Newest Marine-Themed Attraction in Orlando is… The SEA LIFE Aquarium!

Get ready to experience the wonders of the sea and marine life at Orlando’s I-Drive 360 Entertainment Complex on International Drive

Where can you find more than 5,000 creatures from the seven seas in one place? That place is SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, which is set to open on May 4th, 2015 at the all-new I-Drive 360 tourist attraction. This state-of-the-art man-made marine life preserve will be opening along with The Orlando Eye and Madame Tussaud’s Orlando wax museum—a trio of attractions that is the biggest thing to happen since Disney’s last theme park grand opening in Orlando.

sea life orlando 360 degree tunnelSEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium features a Rockpool experience that will be the delight of guests as they will be able to see and touch a wide variety of shelled sea creatures, starfish, crabs, sea anemone, and many more marine critters that are safe to touch. And in case you wonder if all of these creatures are real—they really are and are being preserved in natural habitats made specifically for them.

Another show-stopping feature at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium is the 360-degree Ocean Tunnel and a second 180-degree tunnel that allows you to see underwater and experience marine life up-close. Along with entertaining guests, SEA LIFE is committed to the breeding, rescue and protection of marine life on a worldwide scale. This commitment ensures that SEA LIFE can reinvest in the future of our oceans and the marine life that thrives in them.

The trio of new attractions is all part of I-Drive 360, a $200 million entertainment complex built on the grounds of the old Mercado Mediterranean Shopping Village, which was a staple of International Drive shopping and dining in the 80s and 90s. And as you can imagine, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is just down the road from the new I-Drive 360 experience, ready to welcome you to Orlando and the excitement that these attractions offer tourists and business travelers alike.

Madame Tussaud’s Orlando is the place to meet and party among the world’s top celebrities and personalities

Madame Tussaud’s Orlando is the place to meet and party among the world’s top celebrities and personalities

The new attraction, located at the amazing I-Drive 360 entertainment complex, is set to open on May 4th, 2015 in the heart of the tourist haven of International Drive in Orlando

Want to meet Selena Gomez, Jimmy Kimmel or Miley Cyrus? You don’t have to hop on a plane and try to get on the A-List at a Hollywood party now that Madame Tussadu’s Orlando will be opening at the most anticipated entertainment complex launch: I-Drive 360. Located next to The Orlando Eye—the massive Ferris wheel that you can see from afar on International Drive—and the upcoming SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, Madame Tussaud’s newest edition brings A-Listers to the Central Florida area and they are ready to meet you!

madame tussauds orlando celebritiesSince the late 1800’s, the wax figures of Madame Tussaud have been drawing crowds to its original location in London and throughout the 20th century many more locations opened in cities to include New York, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Berlin, and other select locations.

Once it opens its doors, the Orlando edition of Madame Tussaud’s wax museum will become another iconic tourist attraction in a city known for its enchanting theme parks and attractions—which draw over 60 million people every year.

If you are wondering what celebrities you may encounter at the new Madame Tussaud’s Orlando wax museum, here’s a brief look into their A-List of celerities from TV, music, film, sports, and historical figures:

  • Will Smith
  • Steve Jobs
  • Taylor Swift
  • Tiger Woods
  • Ricky Martin
  • Albert Einstein
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • President Obama
  • Katy Perry
  • Abraham Lincoln

Without question, there will be many more celebrities on display at Madame Tussaud’s Orlando and probably even a few surprises. This new Orlando attraction is not to be missed and Vista Cay Resort by Millenium will be here to help you sleep close to the stars. In fact, we are just less than three miles down the road from I-Drive 360, The Orlando Eye and Madame Tussaud’s Orlando.

Be sure to book your next vacation at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium and stay tuned for amazing offers to visit Madame Tussaud’s Orlando and other local attractions.

The Rolling Stones are Coming to Orlando in June 2015 for their Zip Code Tour

The Rolling Stones are coming to Orlando in June 2015

Orlando is one of a select number of U.S. cities in the Stones' Zip Code Tour—and you can't miss the chance to see them in concert

Band members Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood are coming to Orlando on June 12 to delight locals and visitors with their sticky tunes and stage showmanship. Their Zip Code Tour will be bringing the Stones to the heart of Central Florida, performing at the Orlando Citrus Bowl, home to the Orlando City Lions soccer club.

therollingstonesOriginally formed in the United Kingdom in the year 1962, the band is one of rock's longest living bands that has withstood the test of time and reinvented itself to the delight of multiple generations. In fact, Mick Jagger is one of the oldest rock stars still active and performing—and he still seems to have enough wind to break records.

The last time the Rolling Stones performed in Orlando was back in 1997, at the same location and with Carlos Santana, making their Central Florida visit even more special. Few international rock bands have amassed a following like the Rolling Stones and as they keep reinventing themselves, they also attract more fans that are stung by their contagious sound and style.

If you are planning to attend the Rolling Stones’ Zip Tour Concert in Orlando, then be sure to make it a complete vacation getaway and stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. Our resort property is a short drive away from the Orlando Citrus Bowl and we will be waiting for you after the concert is over, ready to help you rest and enjoy the rest of your stay in Orlando.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is the recipient of “Expedia’s Best of +VIP Access Award” for 2014

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium has been recognized and awarded with the coveted "Best of VIP + Access Award" This exclusive award recognizes Vista Cay Resort by Millenium as one of 300 of Expedia's Global most highly rated +VIP Access Hotels & Resorts + Gold members in 2014.

Expedia + Gold Hotel Guests worldwide are surveyed on their satisfaction with the services received at + VIP Access Hotels. Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is one of only six hotels in Orlando recognized with this award for receiving high ratings in customer satisfaction.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is managed by Millenium Management Corporation.

Expedia +VIP Access 2014 Award to Vista Cay Resort by Millenium sm

On the Image above, from left to right are: Manny Eagon, Expedia Market Manager, Michelle Tuozzo Global Area Manager, +VIP Access - North America – Lat Am – Caribbean, Laraine Frahm, President & CEO of Millenium Management Corp., Drew Frahm, Vice President Millenium Management, Charlie Williams Front Desk Manager, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium, Maurice Arbelaez, Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing Millenium Management, and Nestor Olazar, General Manager, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium.

Expedia +Vip

The Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament is Coming to Orlando in March 2015

The Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament is Coming to Orlando in March 2015

This annual golf event brings together Golf Pros and Amateurs who compete for the coveted trophy, handed over by the tournament's namesake himself: Arnold Palmer

arnold palmer invitational golf tournamentAs a signature PGA event, Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament is held at the Bay Hill Club and Lodge, a private golf resort located in Southwest Orlando--and only a 10-minute drive from Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. The event will be held from Thursday May 16th through Sunday, March 19th, 2015. And it is said that this event is where golf's royalty comes to play, mingle and network with like-minded individuals.

While it has only held the name of Arnold Palmer since 2007, the addition of his name has helped the event gain traction among all other PGA events in the U.S. Orlando's pleasant weather pattern during the Spring is another factor that benefits the event and makes it a big draw for spectators who will be spending days under the warm Central Florida sun. On that note, if you are planning on attending, do wear lots of sunblock since even on a cloudy day you can get sunburned.

It should be noted that the event benefits two charities: the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies. While participation is restricted to card-carrying PGA members, attendance is available by purchasing tickets in advance. That said, the event sells out every year as it enjoys exceptional popularity to the extent that some plan their Orlando vacation around the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

And of course, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is ready to become the place you can always come back to at the end of an enjoyable day at this golf tournament. Since this event is so popular, so is our resort so be sure to book early.

Rumor has it that a Star Wars-themed Land at a Disney park may be in the Works in Orlando

Rumor has it that a Star Wars-themed Land at a Disney park may be in the Works in Orlando

Code named "Orange Harvest," this ultra-secret project by Disneywho now own Lucasfilmmay be the biggest thing to happen to Orlando since the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971

ohp disneyThe Force Awakens is more than a title for Star Wars Episode VII since it seems that the Force is indeed awakening in Orlando. Orange Harvest may be more than just a rumor at this time, but there have been "hints" revealed since 2013 that indicate the potential of either a theme park addition or even a standalone Star Wars theme park. And as the Star Wars franchise gets rebooted with J.J. Abrams, there have been plenty of such hints popping up at Disney events, including the crate featured in the picture.

It is no secret that Avatar Land is being developed as an addition to the Disney Hollywood Studios. The extension is expected to be completed by 2017, just in time for the long-awaited Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 sequels to the blockbuster movie franchise. Given the advances in animatronics used in theme parks, a new Star Wars themed “land” or park would probably incorporate some of the most innovative special effects ever found on a Disney theme park.

While we await a big reveal of this potential new expansion of Disney, the fact is that Orlando will continue to churn out new attractions to keep its constant waves of tourists coming back. Star Wars and Disney are likely to produce exceptional amounts of content to draw from—including new characters, worlds, droids, starships, and of course, villains. We will continue to keep an eye on this new Star Wars rumor and on any other developments at Orlando’s Disney theme parks.

And never forget that Vista Cay Resort at Millenium is always strong in the Force since our property is located in the heart of Orlando’s tourist district of International Drive, as well as just around the corner from the Orange County Convention Center for the convenience of tourists and business travelers alike.

The 2015 International Flower & Garden Festival is coming to Disney's Epcot Theme Park

The 2015 International Flower & Garden Festival is coming to Disney's Epcot Theme Park

Once again, Epcot's landscapes are covered in blooming flowers from all over the world, showcased for guests to see and enjoy

spring is hereEvery year, Epcot becomes the most visited “garden” in the world thanks to the amazing display of flowers and plants throughout Future World and the World Showcase areas of the theme park. From locally-grown topiaries to spring-influenced cuisine, the event draws the attention of people from all over the world. To access the International Flower & Garden Festival, all you need is a one-day ticket to Epcot and the fun is ensured for you and your family.

Every World Showcase pavilion offers Epcot guests a chance to discover the beauty of flowers from represented countries. Spring truly comes alive at Epcot when the flowers are in bloom and its assured that your entire family will find something of interest to them. That said, as soon as you go into the park be sure to gram a Festival Passport, which will serve as your guide throughout the park and its flower displays—along with food venue information and interesting facts about the flower origins.

All Epcot rides and attractions will be operational, allowing you to enjoy as much or as little as you want of the International Flower & Garden Festival. To see it all, you should arrive at the theme park early so that you can see more of the park before crowds slow down the lines at each attraction.

As always, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is ready to be your “home away from home” while visiting Orlando. If you are planning on attending Epcot’s International Flower & Garden Festival, we encourage you to reserve your stay as soon as possible since spring is a popular time in Orlando for both tourists and business travelers.

Disney Springs Development Progress Continues in 2015 as New Specialty Shops Pop Up

Disney Springs Development Progress Continues in 2015 as New Specialty Shops Pop Up

The village shopping concept is gaining traction as Disney keeps unveiling new features and store concepts in the former Downtown Disney/Pleasure Island entertainment and shopping complex

chapel hats at disney springs orlandoSometime ago we covered the amazing concept of the new Disney Springs, but only now are we finally beginning to see the concept art become a reality. And we are loving it here in Orlando, where Disney has not opened a new theme park in Orlando for over 15 years now and anytime we see them developing a new concept we know it has to be world-class. That is how Disney Springs is shaping as we start the spring of 2015 in a non-theme park location that has dared to add food trucks, two Starbucks and countless street vendors.

But that’s old news—here’s what’s happening at Disney Springs… A new store completely devoted to hats has popped up in one of the village structures, offering patrons the chance to try and buy amazing headgear ranging from top hats to fantasy headdress. Also, NYC Bakery has sprung up at Disney Springs—the brainchild concept of Erin McKenna famed founder of the former BabyCakes at the Disney Village—with amazingly fresh bagels, cupcakes and gluten-free pastries.

We will continue to cover new developments, including the super-duper-exciting news about the redevelopment of the Planet Hollywood restaurant into the all-new Planet Hollywood Observatory experience, featuring a high-tech planetarium with stars, planets and galaxies covering its dome ceiling. And that’s not all, there are plenty of new restaurants, shops and attractions scheduled to be included into the Disney Springs development.

Best of all, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is only 15 minutes away from Disney Springs down the I-4 corridor. Be sure to check out our rates from the home page of our website. We are always excited to have families come stay with us and be a part of their Orlando vacation experience.

Come to Florida this spring and enjoy The Fun Spot's Freedom Flyer

Come to Florida this spring and enjoy The Fun Spot's Freedom Flyer

Central Florida is blessed to not have to shovel anything other than sand in the beach during our not-so-cold end of the winter season

For the past few months all you hear about in the news is the winter storms and nor'easters that keep range aging through the northern states. However, that tends to overshadow the fact that Florida has had only a few "cold" days where the temperature dips to the 40s for a couple of nights before getting back to day temperatures in the 80s. In fact, as this is being written there are people sunbathing at our very own Vista Cay Resort by Millenium.

We are often asked about what to do in Orlando during the spring and we couldn't think of a better attraction than the Freedom Flyer roller coaster at The Fun Spot. While it opened in 2014, the Freedom Flyer has not received the same amount of publicity as the larger theme parks, but this is one is an attraction you cannot miss on your next trip to Orlando.

freedom flyer fun spotAt Vista Cay Resort by Millenium we are super excited to see the spring quickly approaching with the ever-pleasant soft breezes that just makes us want to go out to a theme park. So before we forget, all you frozen Northeasterners and Midwesterners pay attention since here are some things to keep in mind when coming to Florida over the next few months:

  • Orlando’s daytime temperatures for March, April and May stay within plus or minus 5 degrees from 80ºF, making it some of the nicest weather Central Florida enjoys
  • Showers are sporadic during this time of the year, which helps you make the most of your day without having to buy a poncho or pull out your umbrella
  • The lines at the theme parks are still relatively short since school is in session and that also means you can see more of a park in one single day
  • Even in the spring, you could dehydrate from being outside too long since Florida gets a fair share of sunshine, even on cloudy days—so be sure to drink water often when you visit

Spring time in Orlando awaits as we shake off the winter for a warmer and more enjoyable season. Also, don't forget to add to your list of places to go the new Freedom Flyer roller coaster at The Fun Spot on International Drive. This new off-the-beaten-path attraction at the popular Fun Spot is a shiny yellow and blue tubular roller coaster designed for the enjoyment of people of all ages.

And the next time you plan to come to Orlando during the spring, please be sure to consider Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. We offer you exceptional rates and world-class accommodations near all of the theme parks and entertainment districts in Central Florida. And remember to bring your sunscreen because our sun is hot!

The Force Awakens in Orlando for Star Wars Weekends at Disney World on May 15th

The Force Awakens in Orlando for Star Wars Weekends at Disney World on May 15th

This year's edition of star Wars Weekends at Disney World is expected to be one of the most exciting to date as Star Wars Episode 7 "The Force Awakens" is set to hit theaters in December 2015

starwarsweekends chewbaccaWe are just as excited as the rest of the world to know that we have less than a year before we get to see some of the most memorable Star Wars characters hit the big screen once again—over 30 years after the original Star Wars “A New Hope.” And as we get closer to the spring, we know that Star Wars Weekends could bring us hints of what’s to come later in the year now that Disney owns the successful movie and merchandising franchise.

During Star Wars Weekends, live action and voice over actors along with concept artists and production crew stars will be on hand to meet and greet visitors to the Disney Hollywood Studios theme park. While the full schedule of celebrities attending is yet to be released, many of the most memorable characters will be on hand for photo opportunities—including Chewbacca, Boba Fett, R2-D2, and even the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader, who will be escorted by his loyal 501st Stormtrooper Legion. If you are a die-hard Star Wars fan, you cannot miss the opportunity to attend Star Wars Weekends 2015.

Star Wars Weekends 2015 will be held from May 15 to June 14, 2015 during Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays within that date range. And if you are planning to visit Orlando and let the Force Awaken within you, then be sure to check out our great rates at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. Not only do we offer spacious accommodations, we are also conveniently located near great entertainment and dining options within a short distance of our property. So come on down to Orlando and feel the Force at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium!

Central Florida gets ready for the Grand Opening of I-Drive 360 on International Drive

Central Florida gets ready for the Grand Opening of I-Drive 360 and its Orlando Eye on I-Drive

With all its capsules already locked in place and testing underway, the wait is almost over and the entertainment complex is almost ready to rock

orlando eye cars assembledAs the centerpiece attraction of the new I-Drive 360 entertainment complex—built on top of the old Mercado Shopping Center, popular during the 80s and 90s—the Orland Eye is poised to become a point of reference for visitor in the International Drive Area. The 400 feet-tall structure will give its riders a bird’s eye view of the area. However, there is more at ground level than meets the eye from above.

Over the past decade, people who have visited Central Florida on vacation or business travels have seen an evolution of the International Drive area between Universal Studios and SeaWorld. The roads have been repaved, the sidewalks have been enhanced, new I-Ride trolley stops have been set up, and new and exciting restaurant and attraction concepts have sprung up. Still, nothing compares to building what is being dubbed as a mini-theme park in the heart of this busy tourist district.

I-Drive 360 is strategically located in the heart of International Drive, allowing easy access by pedestrians and cars. The complex has a multi-story parking garage that allows you to drive and park next to the I-Drive 360 attractions. In addition, the entire complex has been landscaped and developed to make it easy to walk around and enjoy the restaurants and bars that are already a part of the vibrant I-Drive night life—a favorite for both tourists and convention visitors alike.

Stay tuned for news about its upcoming Grand Opening and keep reading our Vista Cay Resort by Millenium blog, which will cover all major updates and news on the area's attractions and theme parks.

And of course, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is just down the road from the I-Drive 360 and Orlando Eye, always offering great rates when you book early—so be sure to book as soon as you can!

Spring is a Great Time to Visit Orlando and Enjoy the Theme Parks

Spring is a Great Time to Visit Orlando and Enjoy the Theme Parks

If you are planning to visit Orlando and would like to enjoy Disney, Universal and SeaWorld with a bit more time, then springtime is the time to come

vista cay orlando condo rentalsIt is no secret that Orlando is the premier family vacation destination in the world, but that also means that we are graced with millions of visitors—about 60 million to be exact, according to 2014 stats—who flock to Central Florida looking for fun under the sun. With the bulk of these visitors coming between the months of May and August, if you can plan your Orlando vacation in the spring you could benefit from milder temperatures in the 80s with sunny days and lots of time to enjoy the rides at the theme parks—thanks to the lighter travel traffic.

Most families choose to vacation in Orlando during the summer for one specific reason: children have no school, allowing them to travel without compromising school work and grades. This means that you are likely to find longer lines and wait times at any of our theme parks—sometimes up to 2-3 hours—so it is hard to see more of the attractions in a day’s time. You can easily avoid these crowds traveling any time between early February and early May, which also translates into great rates at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium.

If you have no children it may be easier to travel to Orlando in the spring, but keep in mind that just because school is in session across the U.S., there are many more countries where their schedules may allow for breaks in the spring and you are still likely to find children frolicking around the park—an always welcomed sight since it makes us live vicariously through their excitement and innocence. After all, coming to see Disney, Universal or SeaWorld makes us go back to a time when play was the busiest thing we’d do all day—and that was a beautiful thing.

Spring is a great time for couples to visit Orlando, so come on over to Vista Cay Resort by Millenium this spring and enjoy everything we have to offer—including amazing rates for your stay!

Universal Studios Mardi Gras is Coming to Orlando, February 7th to April 18th, 2015

Universal Studios Mardi Gras is Coming to Orlando, February 7th to April 18th, 2015

Known as "Florida's Biggest Party," this New Orleans import into Central Florida brings music and celebration together with Orlando flair

Every late Winter (or early Spring), Universal Studios Florida becomes the host of a series of concerts that include headliner bands and artists. Every genre of music is covered at Universal Mardi Gras and this year the lineup includes Olivia Newton-John, Barenaked Ladies, Heart, Yandel, and the B-52s, among many more great names from everything from pop, R&B, country, and Latin music.

UnivarsalOrlando Mardi Gras 2015The 2015 Mardi Gras celebration at Universal Studios is one of the most attended events in Central Florida, drawing tourists and locals into the street party celebration that pays homage to its New Orleans roots. That said, it should be noted that Universal Mardi Gras is a family-friendly event where everyone can join the fun and carouse until close in a safe environment.

The event also features a parade with performers who will throw beads at bystanders as everyone dances to lively music under a street-wide light show. Universal Mardi Gras 2015 will also have a food section, known as the French Quarter Courtyard, featuring delicacies such as beignets, gumbo and Jambalaya.

To enjoy Mardi Gras at Universal Studios Florida, you must purchase a part ticket or an annual pass since all festivities occur inside the park. However, after the park closes the party continues at Universal City Walk, where live music, drink, foods, and more excitement await. And with so many bands performing at the event, there is no place in the world that offers you such a great chance to party than Universal Studios’ Mardi Gras.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is your Mardi Gras home base while attending the festivities—we are a mere couple of miles down the road from Universal Studios. This time of the year we are likely to sell out so be sure to check out our rates and book early!

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium in Orlando is Designated a AAA Approved Lodging Property

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium in Orlando is Designated a AAA Approved Lodging Property

It is our honor to share this exciting update, which is testimony of our dedication to quality and service during your Orlando Vacation

On our blog, we normally cover news about attractions and events in the Orlando area, but this time we are super excited to be at main topic as we share with you this important accolade. In a city where lodging is a major industry catering to over 60 million travelers every year, it is important for visitors to have an unbiased point of reference when deciding where to stay during their Orlando vacation. But how do you figure out where to stay, with so many different hotels and resorts? That’s where the AAA Approved Lodging badge comes into play.

vista cay resort aaa approved lodging badgeVista Cay Resort by Millenium is already known for its superb value to those who seek comfort, convenience and accessibility to Disney, Universal and SeaWorld Orlando’s theme parks. The resort is also popular with business travelers thanks to its close proximity to the Orange County Convention Center, which is located just around the corner from Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. And if you’ve ever stayed at our property, we know you are already a raving fan!

Earning the AAA Approved Lodging badge is a big accomplishment for Vista Cay Resort by Millenium since this designation adds a big boost of confidence for current and future guests. That said, the Diamond Rating system has been in used by AAA for decades and travelers have been relying on this important validator of quality in the lodging industry. AAA determines this rating by anonymously evaluating the properties to ensure that they are a match for its high-quality standards.

One thing is for sure: you will have to book early your next stay with us because as an AAA Approved Lodging property Vista Cay Resort by Millenium will be extremely popular among Orlando vacationers. See you soon at our AAA Approved Lodging resort!

What’s happening on International Drive in 2015? This Orlando tourist district is about to get even better

What’s happening on International Drive in 2015? This Orlando tourist district is about to get even better

Prepare for awesomeness and tastefulness as I-Drive becomes the newest (and best) hotspot for entertainment, family fun and even business traveler enjoyment!

For years, International Drive has undergone waves of enhancements, changes and transition from just being a lodging haven—and now the iconic strip set between Universal Studios and SeaWorld Orlando is experience a renaissance of sorts. Behold, I-Drive 2.0 is here and it is simply amazing!

idrive mapLet’s start with the most noticeable things first. The Orlando Eye is now fully built and has become an icon on its own, as well as a point of reference for figuring out where to eat or stay. Expected to open in the spring of 2015, the Orlando Eye will give tourists a bird’s eye view that will let them see as far as the Disney World Area. And this is just the beginning since there will the tallest roller coaster in the world is set to open right next to the Orlando Eye. Stay tuned to this blog for more news on that soon.

The intersection of International Drive and Sand Lake Road is also experiencing a change. The southeast corner of the intersection has been redeveloped with new landmarks to include Cooper’s Hawk and Chuy’s Mexican restaurants, along with a modern-looking Walgreens pharmacy and store in the corner.

The southwest corner is also having changes of its own as the iconic Mango’s restaurant and dance club is set to open this year. Mango’s is a popular destination for the rich, famous and affluent in Miami Beach and now it is coming to Orlando to add some Latin spice, flavor and rhythm to I-Drive. Do you have your dancing shoes ready?

Finally, between these two locations you can now experience a lot more dining options since the progress made on I-Drive has led to other redevelopment projects to modernize and in some cases tear down entire restaurants to be rebuilt with a newer and more exciting look. Everywhere you look on International Drive you can see plenty of work being done in buildings in preparation for what is expected to be the busiest tourist season ever in Orlando.

Well, the best part of it all is that Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is located just down the road from all of these amazing additions to the International Drive Area. Isn’t it time for you to start planning your next Orlando vacation—then be sure to search for dates and book early to ensure you have your spot!

What’s hot in Orlando for 2015? Orlando City Soccer prepares to take Central Florida by storm

What’s hot in Orlando for 2015? Orlando City Soccer prepares to take Central Florida by storm

Soccer—the world’s most popular sport—is also becoming the newest Orlando attraction to attract families to Central Florida

The Orlando City Soccer Club is generating a lot of interest across the nation since the newest member of the Major League Soccer or MLS is coming to a city known for drawing large crowds and entertaining them with the magic that only Orlando can offer.

orlando city soccer club logoOrlando is well known as a family vacation destination and with soccer becoming an increasingly popular sport in the United States, Central Florida is best-prepared to host an MLS with a namesake soccer club.

Known already for its Orlando Magic NBA team, everyone in Orlando is excited to have another reason to cheer for our city, which continues to make waves as one of the top destinations for enthusiasts seeking the thrill of a sports match.

Legendary midfielder Kaká—a Brazilian soccer player who has played for top European soccer clubs to include Real Madrid and AC Milan, along with two FIFA World Cup events—is the star of the Orlando City SC, carrying the hopes for a top spot in the MLS rankings.

Tourists who come to visit Disney, Universal or SeaWorld theme parks will soon find themselves having the opportunity to attend a new Orlando attraction that will bring families together through the sport of soccer.

Orlando City SC will be based at the Citrus Bowl near Downtown Orlando and a short drive north from Vista Cay Resort by Millenium, which without question, is the perfect place to stay when visiting Orlando City SC matches.

Welcome the New Year 2015 at Pointe Orlando’s Entertainment Complex

Welcome the New Year 2015 at Pointe Orlando’s Entertainment Complex

Forget Times Square, the party is on right here in Central Florida as Pointe Orlando becomes your New Year’s Eve Celebration Hotspot.

new-year-at-taverna-opa-pointe-orlandoA New Year means so much to each person, but before you get ready for a brand new start you need a place where you can celebrate in style and with a great bunch of people who know just how to throw a good party. Look no further than Pointe Orlando in the heart of International Drive and next to the Orange County Convention Center. This is the perfect place for you to start your New Year’s Celebration during your winter vacation in Orlando, Florida.

Start with a great dinner at one of Pointe Orlando’s exceptional restaurants—including The Capital Grille, Maggiano’s Little Italy, or The Oceanaire Seafood Room. You can also experience the recently-opened RA Sushi Bar Restaurant or seek out exotic flavors at Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar. Or if you want to keep it light and casual, try Johnny Rockets or Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream before you get in the mood for the big New Year’s Eve Party in Orlando.

After dinner, you have plenty of nightlife entertainment venues to ring in the New Year but we highly recommend the epic party atmosphere of Taverna Opa. This year, Taverna Opa is celebrating with Greek gods and goddesses, along with the high-energy music that will take you an a trip around the Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, and Egypt—always featuring their sensuous belly dancers who will get the crowd pumped up and dancing on top of the table.

Do know that other venues are available to welcome the New Year, including Adobe Gila’s, B.B. King’s Blues Club, The Funky Monkey Bistro & Bar, and The Pub—this last one being a British-themed venue with a great selection of beers, ales and stouts. So there you have it, Pointe Orlando awaits and Vista Cay Resort by Millenium will be waiting for you after you have the time of your life, so you can rest and recover from all the fun. So make sure you book early to reserve your stay for New Years.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is the perfect headquarters for your family’s vacation and we are always ready to welcome you to Orlando, whether you are here to celebrate the New Year or on vacation to visit Disney, Universal or SeaWorld.

The Orlando Eye is Finally Looking Majestic over International Drive

The Orlando Eye is Finally Looking Majestic over International Drive

Nothing brings more joy to Orlando visitors than to see an iconic attraction as it towers over the flat Central Florida landscape—and the Orlando Eye is an impressive sight for both locals and visitors alike.

orlando-newest-attractionThe Orlando Eye is a massive Ferris Wheel attraction under construction in the heart of International Drive, one of the most popular tourist and business travel districts in the city known for its larger-than-life theme parks. The structure—which once built will have a height of 400 feet—is located near the intersection of International Drive and Sand Lake Road and is surrounded by a variety of new restaurant concepts, attractions and exhibits designed to cater to families on vacation and convention travelers alike.

Riders of the Orlando Eye will get a chance to see as far as the Kennedy Space Center from the highest point in one of 30 capsules with a maximum capacity of 15 people in a ride that will last under half an hour. The Orlando Eye may also be familiar to European visitors since this structure is a sibling of the London Eye and once inaugurated, Orlando will be home to the fifth tallest Ferris Wheel attraction on the planet—and that’s just the beginning.

Recently, it was revealed that another towering attraction will be opening on International Drive—the Skyscraper—which will be crowned as the tallest roller coaster in the world, featuring a four-minute ride that defies gravity and give riders some of the most impressive views of I-Drive yet. And of course, all of these amazing attractions are opening just-down-the-road from Vista Cay Resort by Millenium.

Get ready to enjoy the adrenalin-pumping rides that will be the envy of Orlando’s top theme parks and book your stay early to ensure you get a great price for an amazing Orlando vacation!

Get Ready to Celebrate ‘Grinchmas’ at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Get Ready to Celebrate ‘Grinchmas’ at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

If you are coming to Orlando to enjoy the holidays, you are in luck since December also marks the return of a favorite holiday-themed attraction with Grincmas at Universal Studios.

the-grinch-at-universal-studiosEvery year the Grinch returns to delight families with its dark and humorous view of what holiday cheer is all about. This Dr. Seuss character has become one of the most beloved characters of the holiday season in Orlando and the Grinch brings with it a magnificent display of music, dance and frolicking proper of its wacky nature. In addition, the entire town of Who-ville and its funny-nosed Whos will be on hand to share the Who-liday spirit with guest of Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Year after year, Universal Studios has been raising the bar higher and higher to bring guests the most spectacular holiday vacation experience. The Merry Grinchmas spirit will also be felt during the Grinch’s parade featuring many more characters from the Dr. Seuss universe and music from Manheim Steamroller. And if that is not enough, Universal Studios will have plenty of holiday cheer to share with guests with additional exhibits and holiday-themed events throughout both of its theme parks.

And if you are visiting Universal Studios’ Grinchmas, be sure to make your way over to Diagon Alley—the newest Harry Potter-themed attraction at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The latest addition to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter also features holiday-related events throughout the month of December. But that’s not all, if Universal Studios is in your mind, so should be Vista Cay Resort by Millenium—your home base in Orlando during your holiday vacation.

Check out our rates now and get ready to spend an amazing vacation with Vista Cay Resort by Millenium during this holiday season, located a few blocks from Universal Studios’ theme parks!

Come Out and Play at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Come Out and Play at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Who knew that a mouse, a holiday season and twinkling lights could make so much magic during the holiday season in Orlando—and that’s just the start of an amazing celebration with the whole family.

mvmc-holiday-spectacularMickey Mouse knows how to throw a good party and when he invites Santa Claus, his elves and the rest of the Disney gang, you can be sure that it will be a holiday bash like no other. With a separate admission ticket to the Magic Kingdom, the park transforms into a winter wonderland and a spectacular lights display everywhere you look. Holiday music playing in the streets will set the mood for a Christmas celebration that will create memories for a lifetime.

Witness one of the most amazing displays of lights you’ll ever see as Cinderella Castle is transformed into a frozen castle with frosted lights that will be the delight of your entire family. In the spirit of the season and the movie Frozen, you will get to meet Elsa and Anna during the spectacular “Frozen Holiday Wish” show, along with appearances by their friends hailing from the magical kingdom of Arendelle. And if that is not enough, Santa Claus will be on hand for photo opportunities, along with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald Duck. How’s that for a holiday party!

The best part of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is that the event is unique to the holiday season and you should make it a point to experience it if you are traveling to Orlando during the month of December. And of course, if you are planning to come to Orlando for the holidays, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium will be waiting at the end of the night for a great night’s sleep. There is no better place to enjoy your holiday vacation in Orlando!

Check the latest promotional rates for your upcoming stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium and discover the exceptional quality and value that our resort property has to offer.

Christmas 2014 in Orlando: Discover How Theme Parks Celebrate the Holidays!

Christmas 2014 in Orlando: Discover How Theme Parks Celebrate the Holidays!

The Holiday Season is almost here and as we get past Halloween and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the fall season gets us in the mood for Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Kwanza, and Christmas.

universal-grinchOrlando is one of the happiest places you can find in the planet thanks to our myriad of entertainment options, theme parks and attractions, but it is also home to some amazing holiday celebrations. So here’s your “quick guide” to celebrating Christmas and other seasonal holidays in Orlando, Florida:

  • Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party – This staple of Disney’s holiday celebration gets better and better, year after year. Happening at the Magic Kingdom theme park between November 7th and December 19th, the celebration includes plenty of lights in every tree and structure throughout the park, as well as live entertainment ranging from carolers to street performers. And not to be missed this year is the “Frozen” display at Cinderella Castle and snowfall on Main Street USA.
  • Universal Studios’ Grinchmas – If you are a fan of Universal Studios and Dr. Seuss, then Grinchmas is like mixing Christmas with Green Eggs and Ham. From the weird and senseless to the comical and odd, Grinchmas at Universal Studios has also become a staple of Orlando’s theme park holiday celebrations. Don’t miss photo opportunities to get a selfie with the Grinch itself and the Macy's Holiday Parade, as well as enjoying music by Mannheim Steamroller throughout all Universal Orlando theme parks.
  • SeaWorld Orlando Christmas Celebration – From November 22nd to December 31st, you can enjoy SeaWorld’s Wintery Wonderland featuring Santa Claus, Shamu, live entertainment and performers, and plenty of holly and jolly throughout this adventure park. Be sure to book a seat during Santa’s Fireside Feast, featuring an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet or on the Christmas Show, featuring figure skating, holiday music and plenty of wintry magic for the enjoyment of your whole family.

If you are planning on visiting Orlando during the 2014 Holiday Season, be sure to book your stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium as soon as possible since this is a popular time for families to travel. And not for nothing, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is close to The Mall at Millenia, The Florida Mall and Orlando Premium Outlets, giving you plenty of reasons to start your Holiday Shopping in Orlando.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is your Holiday Vacation destination, so come join us for a jolly-good ol' time in Orlando, Florida!

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is Helping Clean the World—One Soap Bar at the Time

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is Helping Clean the World—One Soap Bar at the Time

The recycling of discarded soap bars from Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is one of the many ways in which our resort contributes to making a better world—both locally and worldwide—with the help of non-profit organizations like Clean the World.

vista-cay-resort-millenium-clean-the-world-updateVista Cay Resort by Millenium is proud to be an active participant in the Clean the World program. This non-profit organization collects and recycles soap bars from hospitality businesses--such as resorts and hotels--and then prepares hygiene kits to be given out in charity initiatives. Clean the World started as an idea by Shawn Seipler, a businessman who--during one of his many business trips--wondered what happened to all the leftover toiletries after guests leave a hotel room.

After he started Clean the World, Seipler saw the quick growth from idea to an initiative with the support of countless volunteers--and that's when the hospitality industry took notice. Today, the organization has several hundred resorts and hotels supporting it and distributes soap and hygiene kits to impoverished adults and children in both the U.S. and throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Orlando is known as the family vacation capital of the world thanks to the thousands of families who come to visit its theme parks every day. Vista Cay Resort by Millenium particpates in the Clean the World program by collecting leftover soap bars from each condo suite then sends them to the organization's Soap Recycling plant, where the soap is sanitized and packaged for redistribution. So the next time you stay with us and leave what’s left of the soap bars behind be sure that rather than going to waste that soap will be put to good use.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is working hard to do its part in creating a better hospitality community. Join us in our effort and be mindful of the resources you use, always using your best judgment in making our world a better place to live and stay on your next Orlando vacation!

Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Opens at the New Fantasyland on the Magic Kingdom

Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Opens at the New Fantasyland on the Magic Kingdom

Disney’s newest ride takes you on an exciting roller-coaster ride based on the mines depicted in its 1937 movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

If you are already feeling Heigh-Ho about the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, do know that this is one of the most technologically-advanced rides ever built by Disney—and following its Grand Opening on May 28, 2014, this has already become the favorite ride for families across all its Orlando theme parks. Built on the grounds of the old “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarine Voyage,” the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train keeps the thrills to a family-friendly level thanks to tilting technology on its carts that simulates swaying movements, forward tipping and of course, bumps and jumps. To get to the ride, simply walk through Cinderella’s Castle in the center of the Magic Kingdom theme park and veer right when you get to Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel.

seven-dwarfs-mine-train-rideCuriously, Disney’s Imagineers wanted to bring many elements from the old Snow White’s Scary Adventures ride, which have been in storage since it was demolished in 2012 to make way for the New Fantasyland expansion at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Knowing that is must appeal to both adults and children; the ride incorporates animatronics, indoor and outdoor sets, and the cartoonish architecture that immerses the riders in scenes from this timeless movie. Each cart in the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is designed to allow four people, reminiscent of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller-coaster. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one of many new additions to the Magic Kingdom, which will culminate at the end of 2014.

If you are planning to visit Orlando, Florida this summer, you cannot miss the opportunity of visiting the amazing new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. And don’t forget it is safe for most children, but always be sure to check with the attendants and the main entrance of the ride. Also, be sure to check the new MagicBand and MagicCard that allows you to enter the theme parks and to get a FastPass. Now just be sure to book your stay with Vista Cay Resort by Millenium as soon as you plan your vacation. Summertime is also high-season in Orlando and we don’t want you to miss out on special deals on Hot Dates for your stay.

Don’t forget to check out Vista Cay Resort by Millenium’s Hot Dates to book your stay and save!

Universal Orlando Gets Ready to Open its Newest Ride: Harry Potter’s Escape from Gringotts

Universal Orlando Gets Ready to Open its Newest Ride: Harry Potter’s Escape from Gringotts

Harry Potter fans can finally take their passion for the franchise to the bank—literally—as they enter a magical world of wizardry and danger within the park’s Diagon Alley themed area

If you are Harry Potter fan, you are more than familiar with the peculiar (and sometimes dark) Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Ran by goblins who are often portrayed as greedy creatures whose existence revolves about wealth and money, the Gringotts Bank is managed by the dwarf-like creatures with a tight hand and a heavy dose of mystery. Furthermore, Gringotts Bank prides itself on the level of security it offers its patrons, often claiming to be the safest place to keep your secrets and wealth without the worry of snooping Muggles—in other words, non-magical people like you and me.

gringotts-bankPart thrill-ride and part roller-coaster, the new ‘Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts’ ride is a major element of Universal’s expanded Potterverse known as Diagon Alley—an old-world themed street in London where wizards, squibs and witches live and trade hidden from the Muggle world. The original success of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter led Universal Studios to develop and create this extension of the themed land. In addition, one major element of the new Diagon Alley is the ability to connect to the rest of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s Hogsmeade Station via the Hogwarts Express train, which can be boarded on Platform 9 ¾ at the Universal Studios Florida theme park.

Diagon Alley is set to open over a four-day period starting on June 17th, 2014, during which time Universal will have much Potter-themed pomp and circumstance—and the lines are expected to be long. But you don’t have to worry about it because you have entire summer to be among the lucky first to visit Diagon Alley and the new ‘Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts’ ride. Now, be sure to come stay with us at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium since we are only a stone’s throw away from both Universal theme parks. If an Orlando vacation is on your calendar, be sure to book early to ensure availability since our unique location makes Vista Cay Resort by Millenium a popular family destination.

Visit Vista Cay Resort by Millenium’s Hot Deals now to check out availability and rates!

Disney Announces 2014 Dates for Star Wars Weekends in Orlando

Disney Announces 2014 Dates for Star Wars Weekends in Orlando

This annual event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios promises to bring even more Force for Star Wars fans to enjoy.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has just released the new dates for Star Wars Weekends, a signature event that brings the magic of the most successful movie franchise in history to this Orlando theme park. Always popular with guests of all ages, Star Wars Weekends gives you plenty of photo opportunities with characters and creatures from the mind of George Lucas. Since Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012, the Star Tours attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has become the home base for fans who want to stay abreast of the latest developments in this movie franchise, which will soon be releasing it’s first TV series under Disney’s ownership.

star-wars-weekends-2014Star Wars Weekends 2014 will be held at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park on these weekends (Friday through Sunday):

» May 16 – 18, 2014

» May 23 – 25, 2014

» May 30 – June 1, 2014

» June 6 – 8, 2014

» June 13 – 15, 2014

The Star Wars Weekend event is known not just for its characters, but also for the opportunity to meet the actors, actresses and star production staff attending the event for autograph signings. In addition, children under the age of 12 can participate in the Jedi Academy, where they learn to fight with lightsabers, how to use the Force and in the end fight off the Dark Lord of the Sith himself as they work together to defeat the evil Darth Vader.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is strong in the Force this spring and we are ready to become your home base when you come to Orlando to attend Star Wars Weekends. Be sure to book your dates early because while our rates are out of this world the popularity of our resort makes us a highly-priced intergalactic bounty. 

2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament at Orlando’s Amway Arena

2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament at Orlando’s Amway Arena

March Madness will be bringing thousands of collegiate basketball fans to boost the local economy before and after the games.

Orlando's Amway Center will be hosting the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament on Thursday, March 20, 2014. This collegiate sports event promises to draw much attention to Orlando, bringing thousands of basketball fans to our city. As they begin to pour into the city, this national basketball event will also help boost the local economy as many out-of-town visitors will be making plans to attend more than just a game. From restaurants to theme park, basketball fans will be planning to add a little leisure and entertainment in the Vacation Capital of the World.

ncaa-basketball-tournamentColloquially referred to as “March Madness” because of the frenzy of basketball games, the NCAA Basketball Tournament brings together talented basketball teams from major universities and colleges around the nation—and their loyal fans. That said, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is welcoming reservations for March 2014, giving basketball fans the convenience of a world-class stay in close proximity to great restaurants, entertainment venues, and shopping. Furthermore, you can take advantage on great pricing at our resort before high season begins.

And if that is not enough reason to come to Orlando, there is also the International Flower & Garden Festival at Disney's Epcot theme park, which runs from March 5th through May 18th, 2014 and is a great excuse to add a theme park visit to your fan trip. Traditionally, the month of March is traditionally a "low season" and thus, you can find shorter lines at the theme parks' attractions, allowing you to see more during your trip to attend the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium and enjoy your stay in Orlando in the heart of the number one tourist destination in the world—and make the most of your trip by visiting a Disney, Universal or SeaWorld theme park!

Wild Days Brings You Closer to the Animals and Sea Life at Sea World Orlando

Wild Days Brings You Closer to the Animals and Sea Life at Sea World Orlando

Meet renowned zookeeper Jack Hanna, SeaWorld's Sea Rescue team and animal trainer Julie Scardina during this signature winter event in January 2014.

Families from all over the world are rejoicing and experiencing firsthand the wondrous diversity of animals at SeaWorld Orlando during its yearly “Wild Days” event. Over a three weekend period, starting on January 11th, children and adults alike will have the opportunity to learn and interact with celebrity staff, who show how SeaWorld has worked so hard for many decades to preserve, protect and nurture the diverse wildlife it features in its theme park.

wild-days-at-seaworld-orlandoTo enjoy Wild Days at SeaWorld Orlando, guests can get their 2014 SeaWorld Fun Card, which allows them to visit the park with unlimited access to a whole year—including Wild Days’ weekends—and get closer to the dolphins, sharks, killer whales, birds, and other animals. Here are the scheduled weekend themes at SeaWorld’s Wild Days in Orlando:

  • January 11-12:  Jack Hanna Weekend – The always-entertaining “Jungle Jack” will educate guest to help them connect to the wildlife through both facts and his own experiences with animals from all over the world. Jack Hanna is known worldwide for his knowledge and experience gained as Director and Zookeeper of the Columbus Zoo.

  • January 18-19: Sea Rescue Weekend – Many of SeaWorld’s animals have been rescued and rehabilitated by the park’s star-studded team of marine biologists, veterinarians and other specialists who love to help injured or orphaned animals, nurturing them back to health and giving them an opportunity at a new life.

  • January 25-26: Penguin Lovers' Weekend with Julie Scardina – SeaWorld Ambassador, trainer and educator Julie Scardina explores the world of penguins and will share her experiences in caring for these cold weather critters at SeaWorld—including how “Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins” was created. Experience the world of penguins by dancing like a penguin, walking among them in penguin colony and participate in a cheerful “ice block” party.

Finally, SeaWorld guests can also enjoy a variety of shows throughout the park, including the Shamu Up Close experience where you can see how killer whale trainers work hard to care for Shamu and its friends in a walkthrough exhibit and other educational opportunities that will be the delight of everyone who comes face-to-face with them. In addition, the new Trainer Talks series will expose guests to the SeaWorld Animal Training team and the animals it takes care of—including whales, sea lions, walruses and other creatures. To experience Trainer Talks, check park maps for times and locations as soon as you go through the gates.

It should be noted that The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund has granted more than $9M conservation efforts, research and the protection of wildlife and their habitats. Thanks to these efforts, this amazing Orlando theme park educates thousands of guests who come from all over the world and in turn become ambassadors of the goodwill mission of SeaWorld. 

The New Year Brings New Attractions and Entertainment Venues for Disney, Universal and SeaWorld Theme Parks

Without a doubt, your top New Year’s resolution is to visit Orlando, Florida and experience all the excitement our vacation wonderland has to offer in 2014 

The New Year 2014 is finally here and this means that the countdown begins the countdown to some of the most exciting and awaited new attractions in Orlando. As theme parks aim at attracting both old and new fans, Orlando is once again making headlines worldwide with the addition of new rides, lands and themed venues. Here is a quick reference list so that you can plan your vacation ahead—and of course, book your stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium:

  • Walt Disney World – After its successful launch of the New Fantasyland in 2013, Disney is getting ready to daze us with new attractions. That said, the star attraction for this reboot of the already-successful Fantasyland will be the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride, based on the Snow White fantasy tale, which is set to open in 2014 at the Magic Kingdom. As more attractions details are released, we will be sure to give you the “heads up” with new information.

  • Universal Orlando - Universal Studios Florida will welcome a new theme land and attraction based on the successful Harry Potter franchise in the summer of 2014 (possibly in June). The Diagon Alley expansion will feature shops based on the London setting of the movie, as well as a restaurant where guests will immerse in the Harry Potter world, and finally a Gringotts Bank-themed attraction. We can’t wait until this new Harry Potter attraction in Orlando opens!

  • SeaWorld Orlando – In 2013, SeaWorld launched Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins and the park finally gave the little critters a worthy attraction to call their own. Now, in 2014 this adventure park will focus on the education of guests with exhibits. But the big news is their new attraction at the Aquatica water park, which will introduce Ihu’s Breakaway Falls—a multiple high-rise slide attraction that is expected to give guests the tallest slide drop in Orlando.

International Drive Orlando also awaits the launch of new entertainment venues and restaurants, including Mango's Tropical Café—a South Beach-themed restaurant and nightlife hotspot set to open a couple of miles from Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. Already as successful hotspot in Miami, the new restaurant will feature live bands, dance shows and gourmet dining with a tropical flair. Mango’s Tropical Café Orlando is expected to open in late summer or early fall 2014.

So there you have it, there’s plenty of reasons for you to come to Orlando in 2014. And that’s not even taking into account the countless conventions and trade shows that business travelers will visit in 2014—all located at the Orange County Convention Center, a stone’s throw from Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. Now, be sure to add “Orlando Vacation” to your New Year’s resolution and start planning your trip to the vacation capital of the world!

Construction is Under Way for the Upcoming Disney Springs Entertainment Complex in Orlando

The new entertainment, dining and shopping complex at the existing Pleasure Island and Downtown Disney area is reshaping the landscape of this popular tourist destination.

Downtown Disney is getting a facelift of sorts as construction is well under way to create the latestDisney entertainment complex, curiously named "Disney Springs". According to Disney's original announcement in early 2013, Disney Springs will offer a collection of more than a hundred shops, restaurants and sideline entertainment venues designed to attract tourists during their non-theme park days and locals during the evenings and weekends.

disney-springs-under-constructionAmong some of the most noticeable changes is the addition of a Starbucks Coffee location directly across from the Harley Davidson Store, next to the Characters in Flight balloon attraction. Also, rumor has it that Fuego by Sosa Cigars will either be moved or closed down to allow new restaurants and shops near the Raglan Road Irish Pub. Additional walls have been erected throughout the old Pleasure Island complex to shield onlookers from the magic being built behind them.

Disney has been busy all over, particularly as it continues its head-on competition with Universal Studios, which is actively revamping Downtown Disney's nemesis--Universal City Walk. In addition, Disney is planning an extension of its Hollywood Studios with the addition of Star Wars and Avatar-themed lands, following the success of these movie franchises. All in all, the progress being made will be sure to pay off as Orlando continues to attract more than 59 million visitors every year.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is located within 10 minutes of Downtown Disney and when Disney Springs opens, we will be looking forward to being your lodging destination of choice during your next visit to Orlando.

Ihu’s Breakaway Falls is coming to SeaWorld Orlando's Aquatica Water Park in 2014

The new high-rise slide is set to become the tallest and steepest water slide, featuring multiple slide experiences in Orlando.

If you have never been to SeaWorld's Aquatica water park—located just around the corner from Vista Cay Resort by Millenium—then here's one more reason to add it to your theme park and attractions line-up on your next visit to Orlando. Aquatica opened in 2008 and since then it has become a great sidekick attraction to SeaWorld Orlando, known worldwide for its star resident—Shamu the Killer Whale. SeaWorld is actually the second oldest theme park in the Orlando area, since it first opened its doors in 1973—two years after Disney’s Magic Kingdom.


The new waterslide announcement is being advertised with the curious slogan of "something tall is coming to Aquatica Orlando in 2014", leaving the entire hospitality and tourism community wondering about how tall this new attraction may be. Water parks have long been a complementary attraction for Orlando’s theme park, allowing families to cool-off while enjoying Central Florida’s warm and sunny weather. In addition, the lower price point for most water parks—in comparison to Disney and Universal’s theme parks—makes them a favorite among families traveling to Orlando on a budget.

Currently, Wet'n Wild claims to have the tallest water slide in Orlando with their iconic "Der Stuka", which drops people down a 6-story free-fall style tower slide. When Aquatica's "Ihu" opens, it will be expected to dethrone the reigning water slide at Wet'n Wild. Disney fans may be disappointed to know that none of this franchise’s water parks—namely Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach—have a daring water slide like Ihu’s Breakaway Falls.

Considering that Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is just over 2 miles away from Aquatica, we look forward to being your home base when you come down to Orlando to experience the newest and tallest water slide in Central Florida.  

Thanksgiving in Orlando is the Perfect Way to Start the Holidays

Thanksgiving in Orlando is the Perfect Way to Start the Holidays

Tired of stuffing the turkey, preparing side dishes and at the end of the night having to clean up and put away the leftovers? Coming to Orlando for Thanksgiving may be an alternative to the hassle—and you can jumpstart your Holiday shopping here too.

thanksgiving-in-orlando-floridaSometimes you need a break from the tradition of some Holidays and if you are ready to experience a Thanksgiving vacation, then Orlando is a great option full of entertainment options. With hundreds of restaurants within the main tourist districts of International Drive and Lake Buena Vista, there will never be a shortage of options for dining with your family and not having to prepare a lavish Thanksgiving dinner or cleaning up afterwards. And if you prefer it, you can have dinner at a theme park and enjoy some of the special events that Disney, Universal and SeaWorld offer during the Thanksgiving break.

Did you say Holiday shopping? Orlando is a worldwide destination for apparel and electronics shopping at The Mall at Millenia, The Florida Mall and the Orlando Premium Outlets. In addition, Downtown Disney offers some of the most unique gifts you can find, as well as plenty of Disney-themed merchandise. Finally, if you are in Orlando for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can always spend it at a theme park as an alternative to the mayhem of the shopping frenzy of Thanksgiving weekend.  

And if that’s still not enough, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is conveniently located 5 minutes from Pointe Orlando, which adds one more reason why we are your optimal choice for kicking off the Holidays in Orlando.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas will be Disney’s Top Event This Holiday Season

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas will be Disney’s Top Event This Holiday Season

Every winter, Disney welcomes the Spirit of the Holiday Season with a unique take on Santa Claus’ reign of lights and wonder as Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas delights children and adults alike on select nights.

christmas-holiday-celebrationDisney knows that nothing gets people in the Holiday mood than a good Christmas-themed party in the happiest place of them all—The Magic Kingdom. Starting on Friday, November 8th, Disney’s flagship theme park transforms into a dreamy land full of characters in Holiday attire, live entertainment, Christmas caroling, and of course, appearances by both Mickey Mouse and Santa Claus. The event continues on select nights that require a special ticket (not included in the daily park admission) that grants you access to this amazing spectacle of Holiday cheer.

One of the most memorable sights of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas is Cinderella’s Castle, which is decorated in ice-like lights that sparkle and mesmerize you with enchantment. In addition, the entire park plays cheery Holiday music that puts everyone in a great mood as you sing along with your favorite Disney characters, which are always ready for a photo opportunity with their fans. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Disney event without its amazing Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade on Main Street U.S.A.

If you are planning to attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in November or December, be sure to book your stay with Vista Cay Resort by Millenium. Our resort will offer you a great place to come back to and rest at the end of the night and is conveniently located in the middle of all the theme park action. 

Wholesome Fun at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Wholesome Fun at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

While the rest of Orlando focuses on horror-themed events, Disney offers a “not-so-scary” option to the haunted houses where children can enjoy a great time without fears

Every year, Halloween becomes an opportunity for Orlando-area theme parks to “scare the pants off” its guests—many times using gore and horror to keep guests fearing for their life. Disney, being such a happy place offers a wholesome alternative where children can dress up as their favorite Disney character and enjoy the Magic Kingdom after dark. In keeping the tradition of “trick-or-treat”, guests and their children can enjoy collecting candy and gifts throughout the park for a scarily-good time.

Of course, Halloween is the perfect time for Disney movie villains to come out and dance in front of Cinderella’s Castle as one of the signature shows of the not-so-scary event. You can also enjoy the voices of a quartet of recently-deceased cowboys who will delight guests with their haunting voices on Mainstreet U.S.A. But above all, don’t miss the opportunity to see Mickey’s “Boo-to-You” Halloween Parade, headed by Sleepy Hollow’s Headless Horseman and followed by characters from the always-ghastly Haunted Mansion—who come out of their graves to join the parade.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is not included in your regular day-ticket to the Magic Kingdom, so be sure to book yours ahead of time. This Fall Special Event runs on select evenings from September 10th to November 1st, 2013. If your children plan to wear a costume, be mindful that they cannot be obstructive (covering their face) or offensive in nature for your security and that of all other guests. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your visit to Orlando for Halloween!

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is always ready to welcome you and your family during Halloween, so be sure to check our amazing Fall Season rates and book a few nights of fun at our resort. And remember, we only let the living stay at our property—so there’s no need for zombie survival equipment.

Update: Halloween Horror Nights 23 at Universal Orlando

Universal Studios has finally released the names of the lineup of haunted houses in its 23rd Edition of Halloween Horror Nights: Resident Evil, The Cabin in the Woods, The Walking Dead, Evil Dead, An American Werewolf in London, La Llorona, Havoc Derailed, and After Life, Death's Vengeance.

Originally launched in 1991, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is back with a new array of gut-wrenching haunted houses, heart-pounding scare zones, and ghoulish performances by costumed characters ranging from zombies to serial killers wandering the park’s Scare Zones.

universal-hhn-select-datesSo here it is, the Halloween Horror Nights’ Haunted House line up for 2013 features:

  • Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City - The world of survival horror comes to reality as the Raccoon City is recreated to immerse you in a world ravaged by the dreaded T-Virus, which reanimates corpses into walking dead that seek to bite everyone with whom they come in contact.
  • The Cabin in the Woods - In this real-life depiction of the movie of the same name, where you you will access a cabi that leads you into the world of a secret facility that appeases evil spirits known as the Ancient Ones by offering its guests as sacrifices.
  • The Walking Dead - The dead walk and get to you walk among them in the return of this AMC series-themed haunted maze, where you come face to face with the "Walkers" in this dystopic Zombie Apocalypse experience from which you may not survive.
  • Evil Dead - The movie remake comes to life as a little girl comes back from the afterlife with a thirst for blood, horror and revenge that lurks in every corner of the woods as you try to survive the horrid night.
  • An American Werewolf in London - Live the horror of the classic movie from the 80s as the full moon rises over London and you find yourself in the middle of iconic film locations trying to survive the bloodthirst of American David Kessler, who has turned into a werewolf.
  • La Llorona - Latin American folklore takes over as the haunting Llorona, a Bloody Mary-like female spectre comes back from the afterlife looking for her dead children--all of which she drowned--and letting you feel the pain, suffering and horror of her crime.
  • Havoc Derailed - Following the derailment of a train carrying an ultra-secret military experiment involving genetically-engineered soldiers, gore and mayhem take over the accident site as these super-soldiers focus their hate and destruction on you.
  • After Life, Death's Vengeance - What happens to serial killers when they die? They get meet their victims all over again on the "other side"--and they are clamoring and waiting for their long-awaited revenge so that the killer may rest in pieces.

And that’s not all—this edition of Halloween Horror Nights features five Scare Zones themed after the successful TV series by AMC “The Walking Dead”. The Scare Zones focus on iconic scenes or sets from the show and include The Fall of Atlanta, the Woodlands, Survivor’s Camp, The Farm, and Clear—all designed to make you squirm and scream in the dark of the night.

Remember that Halloween Horror Nights operates only on select nights during the fall season from September 20th to November 2nd, 2013.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is the perfect place for you to stay during Halloween Horror Nights 23 and we are sure you that after the event you will love to come back to the safety of a room without ghouls or monsters—just check under the bed before going to sleep.

International Food & Wine Festival at Disney's Epcot Theme Park

2013 International Food & Wine Festival at Disney's Epcot Theme Park

The Best Cuisine and Wine from Around the Globe is Coming to Orlando this September

Disney fans rejoice, as the 2013 edition of Disney’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is finally arriving this fall and will delight foodies with the amazing and exotic taste of the diverse international cuisine styles represented at this signature event. Guests attending will not only enjoy food and wine from the countries featured in Epcot’s World Showcase, but also from other countries participating with delicacies ranging from pastries to entrées. Other than traveling the world, there is no better way to experience the best cuisine in one place—and what better place than Disney World itself?

The International Food & Wine Festival will run from September 27th to November 11th, 2013 and is expected to attract over 10,000 people every day. Die-hard foodies will have the opportunity to experience Epcot in a completely different setting that the rest of the year, including performances by international folklore artists and street performers. All in all, there is no better time to visit Epcot than during the International Food & Wine Festival, which is considered a signature Disney event.

Ready to visit Epcot and the International Food & Wine Festival? Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is located a mere 15 minutes from all Disney theme parks and a stone’s throw away from great dining and nightlife entertainment in the International Drive tourist district. And if you are planning to visit Orlando for business or a convention, be sure to take a day off to visit Epcot or any other Disney theme park in Central Florida—including the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom.

Contact Vista Cay Resort by Millenium today and book your next stay with us. Call 1-888-297-8081 and ask for our fall rates and get ready to enjoy the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

The PGA Merchandise Show is Coming to Orlando

The PGA Merchandise Show is Coming to Orlando

Every Golfer’s Dream Come True in the Heart of Orlando’s Golf Paradise on January 2014

This year, over 56 million people will come to Orlando for the enjoyment of our world-known theme parks, but if there is another reason why they visit Central Florida it would be our amazing golf courses. Golfers from all over the globe converge every year for the PGA Merchandise Show at the Orange County Convention Center. The show will be held January 21-24, 2013 and attract over 40,000 attendees who come to see the latest and greatest merchandise in the market—from apparel to golf clubs.

Orlando’s PGA Merchandise Show will feature top brands to include Taylor Made, Ashworth, AdamsGolf, and more than 1,000 golf-related brands. Just about every product and service in the golf industry will be showcased at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show, including training programs, golf courses, shops, and outlets. A little-known fact about Florida is the vast amount of golf courses in the state—over 1,250 spread across the territory, with over 200 in Central Florida alone.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium welcomes golfers attending this international event every year and given our close proximity to the Orange County Convention Center, we are the perfect place to stay during the PGA Golf Show. Our spacious villas will let you enjoy the comforts you are used to at home but in a paradisiacal vacation wonderland that is synonymous with great golf weather. Plan ahead and book early so you can take advantage of great rates in one of the most popular resort properties in Orlando.

Call 1-888-297-8081 today to make your reservation at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium and book your stay at a great villa located minutes from the Orange County Convention Center.

2013 Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando this Winter

2013 Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando this Winter

Orlando has become an important sports city and Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is ready to welcome fans in sunny Central Florida

The popularity of college football has grown over the years to rival that of the NFL and the annual Russell Athletic Bowl, which is held at the Citrus Bowl near Downtown Orlando. Originally founded in 1990, this bowl has undergone a myriad of name changes until purchased by Russell Athletic in June 2012. However, the event’s followers have endured despite the location and name changes to follow the game to Central Florida—its home since 2002.


The next edition of the Russell Athletic Bowl will be held on Saturday, December 28, 2013. Fans of the event can expect an amazing game along with the opportunity to experience everything Orlando has to offer. With so many local attractions—without forgetting the theme parks that have made our city famous—college football fans will be sure to have the time of their life in Central Florida. This exciting sporting event draws teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big Ten Conference, who come to Orlando to fight for the bowl in the mild Florida winter.


Given our strategic location, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is uniquely positioned to welcome Russell Athletic Bowl fans that come to the event. Our resort is located 15 minutes from the Citrus Bowl, as well as 10 minutes from Disney World and 5 minutes from Universal and SeaWorld. Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is always ready to welcome families, business travelers and sports fans attending events in the Orlando area. And if you know someone who’s coming—please let them know that we would love for them to stay with us!

If you are planning to attend the Russell Athletic Bowl in December, be sure to book early as the Holiday season is a popular time for families to visit Orlando.

Americas’ SAP Users’ Group and Sapphire Now 2013 in Orlando

Americas’ SAP Users’ Group and Sapphire Now 2013 in Orlando

Many attendees selected Vista Cay Resort by Millenium due to its close proximity to Orlando's Orange County Convention Center

In May 2013, Orlando was excited to welcome members of the Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) at its signature event “Sapphire Now”. This event and annual conference gathers thousands of customers, partners and developers who come together to experience the latest developments from SAP—a world leader in business operations and customer relations software solutions. Sapphire Now was held at the Orange County Convention Center, which is the 2nd largest convention center in the U.S.

ASUG members in attendance at Sapphire Now represented over 3,700 member companies, as well as partner companies and independent consultants. Many attendees came to interact with each other and find collaborative opportunities, while others attended to learn from keynote sessions, seminars and workshops. Companies represented included Deloitte, Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, and other Fortune 500 companies that depend on SAP to operate their organizations and manage their customers.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium welcomed many attendees who stayed with us during Sapphire Now 2013. And after making a great impression on them, we know that they will be thinking of our beautiful property the next time they come back to Florida with their families on vacation. Our resort is always a favorite among convention attendees and tourists thanks to our comfortable accommodations, friendly staff and location. In fact, our resort is so close to the convention center that makes Vista Cay Resort by Millenium an exceptional choice for business travelers.

Planning a business trip to Orlando? Book a spacious resort unit where you will enjoy the amenities and comfort of your own home!

Orlando en Otoño: Un Paraíso de Vacaciones

Disfrute de Orlando, Florida en Otoño

La Florida Central le ofrece un lugar mágico en donde podrá disfrutar de las mejores vacaciones familiares y a los mejores precios de septiembre a noviembre

Orlando, Florida es el destino por excelencia de niños y mayores a la hora de ir de vacaciones. Esta ciudad se ha hecho famosa por todo el mundo gracias a sus parques temáticos, atracciones locales, restaurantes y grandes centros comerciales. Además, Orlando ofrece un excelente clima casi todo el año, al igual que la conveniencia de múltiples opciones para los turistas y viajeros de negocio. En fin, no hay otro lugar en el mundo que ofrezca tanto como Orlando y este año la ciudad recibirá más de 50 millones de visitantes de todas partes de mundo.

vista-cay-coupleNo puede haber visita a Orlando sin que usted disfrute uno de los parques temáticos de Walt Disney World, Universal Studios o SeaWorld. Además, Orlando cuenta con cientos de restaurantes que le ofrecen la creatividad y sabor de excelentes chefs a precios muy asequibles. Es por esto que no hay mejor momento que el otoño para visitar la Florida Central y todo lo que esta zona ofrece—empezando por menos cantidad de gente visitando los parques, temperaturas más frescas y días suficientemente largos para disfrutarlos al máximo.

Pero eso no es todo—el otoño es tiempo de rebajas de verano en tiendas y centros comerciales, ofreciendo excelentes precios en ropa, accesorios y electrónica, incluyendo computadores y teléfonos móviles como el iPhone y Android. Además, centros comerciales como el Mall at Millenia, Florida Mall o los Orlando Premium Outlets le brindan la oportunidad de hacer muchas de sus compras navideñas en Orlando. Finalmente, en Orlando puede disfrutar de muchas más atracciones como los son los parques acuáticos de Wet’n Wild y Aquatica, en los cuales disfrutará por horas del cálido sol de Florida Central.

Sin duda alguna, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium le ofrece muy buenas ofertas para unas vacaciones en otoño, en International Drive, uno de los distritos turísticos más famosos de Orlando. Pulse aquí para ver las tarifas de Otoño en Vista Cay Resort by Millenium.

New Pool Bar at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium

New Pool Bar at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium

The latest resort amenity addition promises fun and cool libations during the hot summer days and nights

The wait is over as Vista Cay Resort by Millenium unveils its long-awaited pool bar. After a couple of months in planning and development, we are happy to have a great new addition that guests can enjoy. Better yet, this is the place to socialize and chatter after a long day of activity. Whether you want a cold beer, a rum-and-coke, mojito, piña colada, or strawberry daiquiri—you can get it at our new and exciting amazing bar!

bartender-vista-cay-barCovered in beautiful granite and featuring a full liquor bar and beer assortment, this is the place to be at the resort—particularly after a day at the theme parks or the convention center. And a friendly bartender is always at the ready waiting to serve your drink and offer you conversation. After all, rumor has it that there’s no better psychologist than a bartender willing to listen to your stories.

The backsplash of the new bar is decorated with colorful mosaic tiles, along with two lamps--and featuring a large flat screen TV where sports events and movies play throughout the day. In addition, the bar has several high chairs where guests can sit and relax while sipping on a cocktail, as well as domestic and imported beer. Needless to say, the bar was designed around the concept of relaxation-and-vacation to

Ready to experience our new bar? Book you stay at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium, conveniently located near Orlando’s theme parks and convention center—and unwind at the bar after a long day out and about. 




Disney’s New Fantasyland Now Open

Disney’s New Fantasyland Now Open

A Place where Magic and Fantasy Come to Life in the Heart of Orlando’s Vacation Wonderland

What makes Disney so magical, you may ask? Well, it is the perfect place where fantasy becomes a reality with the help of Disney’s Imagineers, the curious name concocted by Walt Disney himself to describe their engineering and creative staffers. And no other place is happier, more magical and most fantastic than the Magic Kingdom itself—Disney’s original theme park now going on its fourth decade entertaining people of all ages from all over the globe.

new-fantasylandAdding to its magic, on early December 2012 the world of Disney grew by about 10 acres with the grand opening of the New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. The new addition features new attractions based on the newer characters from Disney movies, such as Ariel from the Little Mermaid and Bella from Beauty and the Beast, but also reimagines Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. But adding to the experience, the new Fantasyland caters to the princess in every little girl and the hero in every little boy who visits the Magic Kingdom.

Calling it the “new” Fantasyland is really a misnomer, since it is merely an expansion of the original Fantasyland. That said, this extended “Disney Land” has become a major booster for the Magic Kingdom, which competes against its younger siblings—Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom—as Orlando visitors’ options increase with every new theme park, attraction and ride. To put it in perspective, this Disney expansion will be the reason why most people will pick the Magic Kingdom as a primary choice in their next visit to Orlando.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is the perfect place for you and your family if you are visiting Orlando and thanks to our close proximity to Walt Disney World’s theme parks, you can have an equally magical night’s sleep at our resort—so you can enjoy all of the New Fantasyland full of energy!

Fun Spot America, the Best Alternative to a Theme Park in Orlando, Florida

Orlando’s newest attraction is not a theme park—but it is huuuge!

Fun Spot America near International Drive is celebrating their two new roller coasters, which is one of several new attractions in the Fun Spot’s planned $25-million expansion.

The Fun Spot’s new roller coasters—the White Lightning and the Freedom Flyer—are already drawing the attention of families seeking to spend a “day at the park” but without spending “theme park prices”. This is exactly what Fun Spot America, which is located near the intersection of International Drive and Kirkman Road, has aimed to do by providing an entertainment venue with fun rides, fun food and lots of fun all around.

The first of these two new roller coasters at the Fun Spot is the White Lightning, an old-style wooden roller coaster that gives guests the thrill of yesteryear’s coasters—complete with sound and the jerky movement typical of these rides. The second one is the Sky Coaster, which is a modern hanging roller coaster with a faster and smoother ride, but still full of thrills thanks to its twists and turns. Together, these two roller coasters have become the star attractions of the little giant that is Fun Spot America.

The best part is that Fun Spot America is located just over 3 miles from Vista Cay Resort by Millenium and since it is open from 10 am to midnight, it is a perfect entertainment venue for both families on vacation or convention attendees—particularly those looking for an affordable thrill park where you can spend several hours having fun. And you can have all that fun for under $50 per person, so be sure to ask the staff at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium about getting tickets for Fun Spot America.

If you are planning your next Orlando vacation at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium, be sure to ask us about Fun Spot America and any other local attractions that can be a great alternative to the larger theme parks.


2013 Surf Expo at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida

We may not have beaches in Orlando—but the Surf Expo is already causing waves in Central Florida

The world of surfing, watersports and beach lifestyle is about to converge at the Orange County Convention Center, September 6-8, 2013, bringing people from all over the globe to the vacation heartland of International Drive in Orlando.

The surf expo is held twice a year—usually in January and September—and it attracts thousands of surf products and brands, as well as over 20,000 beach lifestyle enthusiasts who trade a day in the sand and waves to see the latest trends in the watersport world. Since the mid 70’s, the beach lifestyle has become a reason to live and work for millions of people from all walks of life. In fact, the beach lifestyle and watersports trend is expected to continue growing as new generations of surfers, body-boarders and water-skiers seek new thrills under the sun.

As a niche market event, the Surf Expo is endorsed by several surf industry associations and covers a wide number of board sport categories, including surfing, skating, wakeboard, waterski, paddle board, and lifestyle products ranging from energy bars to sports drinks. Add to that the countless brands of apparels, accessories and other related goods that make the beach lifestyle one of the hottest trends in the sports world—and with a coastline of more than 1,000 miles, Florida is one of the top beach lifestyle territories in the planet.

The Orange County Convention Center where the Surf Expo will be held is just around the corner from Vista Cay Resort by Millenium, adding to the convenience of staying close to not just the event, but a wide variety of entertainment and nightlife. With quick access to Point Orlando, the I-Drive tourist corridor and a myriad of restaurants, bars and lounges, Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is the place where you can ‘Hang Ten’ during your Orlando visit for the Surf Expo.

There is no better place to stay than Vista Cay Resort by Millenium and we invite you to book your next trip to Orlando, whether on business or leisure, at our little gem in the heart of Orlando’s International Drive tourist district. 

Halloween Horror Nights XXIII at Universal Orlando in Fall 2013

Orlando After Dark: Halloween Horror Nights XXIII at Universal Orlando this Fall

While Orlando is certainly one of the happiest vacation locations in the world—and the number one travel destination for families—it promised to be a dark and exciting place this Fall 2013

For the past 23 years, Universal Orlando has been bringing the scariest Halloween experience to guests by closing down the park and reopening it soon after with a complete makeover of its attractions, guest areas and restaurants. While the official word from Universal Studios has yet to confirm its horrific haunted houses and themed areas, the following dates have been released for Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) XXIII in Orlando:

» September 20-21, 2013

» September 26-29, 2013

» October 3-6, 2013

» October 10-13, 2013

» October 16-20, 2013

» October 23-27, 2013

» October 31, 2013

» November 2, 2013

While dates and other specifics are subject to change by Universal Studios, the event is a staple of its theme parks that attracts adult guests (sorry, this event can be too intense for children) on select nights during Orlando’s slower fall season. HHN XXIII will also feature haunted houses based on both classic and new horror movies, with unique twists and surprises that will keep you screaming for hours in the dark of the night.

Another highly anticipated element of Halloween Horror Nights is its scare zones, where ghouls, ghosts and other creatures lurk in the dark—waiting for unsuspecting guests to scare and torment. You will not be able to rest during your visit to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights as a good scare is always around the corner of the park.

You may not know this, but the event was originally called “Fright Nights” but was soon renamed to Halloween Horror Nights as a title with wider appeal. Over the years, many of its characters—such as The Storyteller, The Caretaker, The Crypt Keeper, and Jack the Clown—make recurring appearances that keep the screaming going for another season of HHN’s nighttime mayhem.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is ready for your visit during Halloween Horror Nights XXIII, offering you exceptional accommodations only five miles from Universal Studios Florida. Call us today at 1-888-297-8081 or book online your Orlando vacation at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium—we’re ready for you!

2013 Zumba Instructor Convention in Orlando

2013 Zumba Instructor Convention Comes to Orlando, Florida

The 2013 Zumba Instructor Convention is one of the hottest events to be held at the Orange County Convention Center and other International Drive venues.

Attendees of this convention will learn about Flavors, Updated Training, and Learning Capsules, as well as interact with top Zumba instructors from all over the world for two whole days. The 2013 Zumba Instructor Convention will be held August 15-18, 2013 and will gather some of the best Zumba instructors and presenters to ensure that attendees experience an high-energy convention that helps them become better in their training.

An army of presenters will be on hand to teach, inspire and interact with attendees, who are instructors leading their own Zumba classes at studios, gyms and health clubs across the country and in many cases in other countries around the world. This aerobic dance style is followed largely by women, who feel empowered to take control of their lives with the intense cardiomoves and Latin-inspired music of Zumba.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is ready for your visit during 2013 Zumba Instructor Convention, offering you exceptional accommodations within a mile of the convention venues. Call us today at 1-888-297-8081 or book online your Orlando vacation at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium—we’re ready for you!

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin Opens at SeaWorld Orlando

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin Opens at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando gets a cold snap—just in time for the hot Summer Season—as it launches its newest attraction with South Pole theme and lots of feathered friends in classy black and white wardrobe

Without question, 2013 is already marking the beginning of an exciting streak of theme park additions—including Disney’s new Fantasyland and Universal’s Transformer 3D attraction. And if you’ve visited SeaWorld Orlando in prior years, you may recall that the Penguin Encounter exhibit was closed in January 2012 to prepare for the development of a “secret” new attraction in its place.

The “old” Penguin Encounter exhibit featured a people-mover that took guests from one end of the artificial habitat made to resemble a South Pole landscape, complete with frozen water on which penguins would swim and play—not much of an exciting attraction for some, but little did we know that this was but the first phase of a much bigger and colder second phase that is now finally ready to open at SeaWorld.

On May 24th, 2013 SeaWorld Orlando opened the newest attraction in its almost 40 year-old park (in case you didn’t know the park first opened on December 15, 1973) with the epic title of “Antarctica” Empire of the Penguin”. This new penguin-themed experience will take guests beyond an exhibit seen through thick glass and instead transport them into the cold world where penguins live, play and thrive.

Featuring a colony of lively penguins that include Gentoos, Rockhoppers, Adélies and Kings—all living in a make-belief habitat resembling their South Pole Home—Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin will feature a slippery ride through ice-solid waters that culminates with coming face-to-face with the penguins in an exciting and educative attraction like no other at SeaWorld Orlando.

SeaWorld’s new penguin attraction has been a long-expected addition to the park—which is visited by people from every corner of the world every year—and it plans to give it a boost in park attendance and merchandising sales throughout the hot Florida summer. As parks enhance their attractions, guests can expect more modern rides and exhibits that put to good use the latest technologies available to create new worlds of excitement.

If you are a die-hard SeaWorld Orlando fan and have been counting down to the grand opening of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin—then it is time to get to Orlando and see it first hand, before you hear about it from your friends and family. This new attraction appeals to people of all ages and the opportunity to rediscover SeaWorld Orlando is a plus when you bring your family to Orlando.

Vista Cay Resort by Millenium is ready for your next Orlando adventure, offering exceptional accommodations in a beautiful family vacation setting that is also three miles from SeaWorld Orlando. Call us today at 1-888-297-8081 or book online your Orlando vacation at Vista Cay Resort by Millenium —we’re ready for you!

TRANSFORMERS: The Ride – 3D at Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Orlando has announced they will be opening their new Transformers ride Transformers 3D The Ride Universal Studios Orlando this summer in Orlando. Universal  currently has Transformers rides in both their California and Singapore theme parks and the Orlando attraction will closely resemble the existing rides.

The ride will feature a new Transformer named "Evac", that will serve as the 12 person vehicle that takes riders through the adventure. The story line for the ride features most of the well known Autobots and Decepticons but does not follow any of the Transformers movies. Universal has created an original storyline that takes passengers on an action packed 3D experience in an all new Transformers world. The ride is scheduled to open about June of 2013 and you must be 42" tall to ride.

Vista Cay Resort is a resort hotel near Universal Studios and features 2 and 3 bedroom suites that are perfect for families that want a hotel near the theme parks in Orlando Florida.


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